23 Jun, 2021 12:11 PM

Are on-line college classes as good as classroom classes?

I have read about some online schools being very bad and a financial ripoff for when it comes to educational value.

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23 Jun, 2021 12:12 PM

Hi! I'm a student at Davenport University where we have both in-seat and on-line classes. Our on-line classes are typically 7 weeks for a 3 credit hour class and most in-seat classes are either 7 or 15 week classes. Our school is accredited by the North Central Association of Schools and our school website is www.davenport.edu

Some on-line schools may not be that good, depending upon the college and the degree you choose.

In the case of my school, we have a major and specific classes we have to take. When we take them and how many classes per semester is up to us. We also have the option to take either in-seat or on-line classes, the credits and the textbook are the same.

As far as the on-line classes being as good or worse, it all depends on your learning style.

For instance, I would not take either math, finance or accounting classes on-line as I feel I need that instruction right on the board in front of me. In an on-line class, we currently don't have the technology to do that. Our lectures are non-audio and we read the lectures just like our textbooks.

But where the on-line classes excel is the discussion boards. We use Blackboard learning system for our classes. Most of my classes typically have 2 to 4 discussion questions that we have to answer each week (based on our chapters) and they are put on to a discussion board where we comment on each other's postings. I learn a lot more from the interaction than any other function of the school. Especially in a school like mine where many of the students are already working in the field. We also may have group projects and one or more papers per session. I have to log onto the discussion board 5 days per week to receive credit. The assignments are posted at the beginning of the week and we have until Midnight on specific days to get the work done. I typically take 2 classes per 7 week session and spend between 15-30 hours per week on an average for my classes (between reading, research, writing papers, and posting to the discussion boards). But I typically do more work than the average student, because I figure if I'm going to pay for the classes I want my money's worth in learning that topic. Other students may only spend 3 or 4 hours per week on the study time, but their grades will reflect it as well.

I'd check for the following issues in determining whether the school is a valid one.

1) Is the degree a "canned" degree where they put you in a program and you take class A, then class B, then Class C in a specific sequence, or do you have some flexibility in the schedule?
2) Will the instructors be available via e-mail, or by phone for questions.
3) Are there alumni you can talk with about the degrees?
4) Are there career advisors at the school to help you with preparing to enter the job market afterwards.
5) Do you have the option of taking the classes either in-seat or on-line. At my school I take a combination. I live 35 miles from one of the campuses and 58 miles from another campus and depending on the class I want to take, I may take the class on-line, or at one of the other campuses.

Good luck to you on your decision

23 Jun, 2021 12:12 PM

They are good, if not better but only because they're tougher. Participation is extremely important as well whereas in a traditional classroom setting you can get away with attending class depending on how big the class is! In my case, it wasn't a financial rip off. I haven't had to pay a dime. In many instances, I got money back due to financial aid and pell grant. Just look for one in your state if you can so you're instate.

23 Jun, 2021 12:12 PM

if you are interested to do online college classes do some research on some. there are some that are legit I have a friend that got her masters on a online collge, she did have to go to class meetings once in a while, she is got a great job, so the online college turn out good for her.

23 Jun, 2021 12:13 PM

On-line classes are great in the respect that if you have a very busy schedule or work wierd hours you can still get an education. They are however very hard. You have to be very determined and responcible. There is a lot more reading and you have to be able to be an independent learner. You can't wait untill the last minute to do anything, you have to put forth more time and effort in online classes because you don't have the advantage of a lecture where the teacher shows you what to do and how to do things. So online classes are good for some and bad for others. i have a 3.5 GPA and find that when I take online classes i get B's and C's when I go to classes at campus I get A's and B's.

23 Jun, 2021 12:13 PM

I have taken all of my courses online so far through a community college in the state that I live in...I think the quality of the course and what you learn really depends on what you are taking and the professor themselves. I have had classes where we worked in groups and had active discussions with each other and the professor would give us the same type of work that his other students in regular courses were getting we just interacted with one and another just a little differently. However, I have also had courses which didnt require much of you beyond signing in and taking a quiz and just doing the reading which caused me to feel deprived in my actually learning a great deal about the subject.The best thing about taking online courses is that you can pretty much tackle your assignments and the course at your own convienence. It can be difficult at times because you dont have someone to ask directly for help but most professors are willing to meet with you, let you call them, or just talk on Instant messenger to handle your problems...I have learned a great deal from all of my courses and it all comes down to how much time the person is going to put into their courses (because you have to work independently) and how the course is constructed (like I said the more interaction with each other the better...).

23 Jun, 2021 12:14 PM

Find a good school that is accreditted (community college or state school) and see what they have to offer. I took several online classes when I was in college and thought it was a great experience. For the most part, I worked on things when I needed to and at my schedule and pace. Each class can be different though on how it's organized and presented to check into it. I had one class that tried to get us all to meet at certain times for chat discussions. Not a good idea for working people who want to take online classes for convenience! Check it out though and if it's through a legit university, I think it's worth it.