29 Jun, 2021 03:02 PM

English II hw help with ¶?

I have vocabulary squares I have to fill out each week and then I need to create a cohesive paragraoh. And the paragraph is getting hard for me. I need to use ar least 5 words out if these; Surname Redemption Deportees Emigration Ghetto Oppressor Conflagration Ceased Imprudent & finally Dissipated. Can you help me create a ?? Thanks in advanced!! c:

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29 Jun, 2021 03:03 PM

Emigration is an important political topic of discussion. There are many consequences in a family household to how countries handle deportees. Nevertheless, individuals and families have not ceased in their intent to cross borders looking for better opportunities. People often immigrating without help end up looking for refugee and at times find themselves in the ghetto. Finding oneself in such areas is often an imprudent mistake but people do not always have a choice due to their lack of resources. 

Here is my attempt. I decided to focus on one topic, emigration, so that the paragraph would be somewhat coherent.  You of course can improvise.  Good luck!