28 Jun, 2021 03:07 PM

Questions about homeschooling?

If it matters, I'm 13 years old (almost 14) and I live in Louisiana. So I've wanted to be homeschooled for a while now and have some questions. 1. My dad (who would have to homeschool me) works. Can I buy a curriculum and do the work by myself during the day, then once he gets home he could check it? 2. What are the homeschooling laws in Louisiana? 3. How can I convince my dad to homeschool me? 4. I'm scared to talk to my dad about homeschooling me, what do I do? 10 points to best answer!

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28 Jun, 2021 03:08 PM

1. Yes. He would have to buy the curriculum, but you can do the work by yourself if you understood it. Then have him check it and answer any questions when he gets home.

2. Google. http://www.homeschoolinginlouisiana.com/gettingsta...

3. Lay out the pros and cons. Find out what he would need to do. Research curriculum you would be interested in using.

4. Just do it. The sooner the better so you can start planning. Give him time to adjust to the idea if he seems reluctant. Don't be pushy. If he says no, be understanding of why but try to find ways to get over his concerns.

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28 Jun, 2021 03:08 PM

1. You could; you could also participate in co-ops or possibly attend school part-time (either public or private; private schools are more accommodating in that matter, from my experience). 

2. Look 'em up. Consider it your first assignment in how to teach yourself and/or find information on your own. 

3. Oooh. That's going to be up to you, cause we don't know your dad very well. You might want to find the book "The Teenage Liberation Handbook," as there's a whole section in there dedicated to convincing your parents that this is a good idea. 

4. Come up with all the arguments you think he's going to use, and have answers, facts and statistics ready for them. You won't cover everything, but it'll prove you thought about it ahead of time.