28 Jun, 2021 01:57 PM

How can i be sociable in middle school?

well, im in the seventh grade and at a new school. the school i really nice and a lot of cool people go there, but i have a little problem... okay my problem is that im really, really, shy. i dont know why im so shy i want to be all sociable and i want to have alot of friends( i have a little amount of friends like about 5-8) but i dont know how to make any im also to shy to stand up for myself and i have a great personality but i cant show cuz im so quiet...ok so like when i was little( like 1st through 3rd grade) i used to be the most confident girl in the whole wide world i would sing out loud even though i could sing, i would dance even though i really cant dance and stuff like that, but in the 5th grade i got hurt really bad because of my weight, and that i was a goodie girl from then on ive had such a low self-esteam that everything people do to me hurts me even more most of my old friends (except for 1) betrayed me and left so now i only have a few friends.... but anyway plz help me i dont know wat to do now i really want to enjoy life and have many many friends and be that social one instead of the quiet girl who everyone thinks is boring

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28 Jun, 2021 01:58 PM

5-8 friends is NOT a "little amount" to have!  That is great!  

Everyone doesn't think you are boring.  Your friends don't.  

Those with many, many friends are not necessarily enjoying  life more than you.  Being very popular has its own struggles.  Like, how to remain on top.  

Concentrate on the cultivating the friendships you now have, making them deeper friendships, better friendships that will last you into high school.  7th and 8th grade friendships are the hardest to maintain, so value them.