28 Jun, 2021 11:45 AM

How to make homeschooling illegal?

I am a 25 year old professional, I was homeschooled my whole life because my parents are, well let's be honest, crazy. I am interested in being involved with groups that are working to make homeschooling illegal, I have not had much luck finding groups like this on the web, but I feel like, if I could just tell... Update: Please read my response to the "homeschooling Propents" question before passing judgement on what I am asking. As I stated, Home school in some instances is acceptable, but by and large, it is not. And some things from your past you cannot make peace with, they stare you in the face everyday. Update 2: I would ;ike to answer what "maggie B" said. Yes, I am doing well. Because, at the moment I turned 18 I ran away, with no education, no drivers liscence, and seven dollars. I self educated and then took state mandated tests to become a "high school" graduate. I am now Trying to go to college,...

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28 Jun, 2021 11:45 AM

Making it illegal isn't the answer...Having some sort of control of what's going on is important and must be enforced. Too many homeschooled children do not get the full range of subject areas and the depth needed to truely learn about several subjects because their teachers lack the background necessary to teach that subject. Often 1 or 2 areas are concentrated on while the others are often given just lip service. Many homeschoolers are trained the take the standardized tests and nothing more!

28 Jun, 2021 11:45 AM

I was home schooled for five years and because of my shyness feel it would have been better if I'd been pushed into the public more often. However I have two adopted brothers. The oldest of the two was in fourth grade when we adopted him and he could not read. He barely knew the alphabet. The younger of the two couldn't read either but he was young enough that it didn't matter so much. My mom has been homeschooling them since we've adopted and they can both read now. They are also in a group with other homeschoolers so they are getting interaction with other kids. You have obviously had a very bad experience with homeschooling. Kids can have a bad experience in public school as well. Nothing is perfect. Just because you've had a bad experience doesn't mean its all bad. I would agree with having homeschool children take standardized tests just like kids in public school do. Making homeschooling illegal would be a major infringement of parents rights though. Making them keep up to standards would be fine. Making it illegal would not.

28 Jun, 2021 11:46 AM

I find it very sad that you feel it necessary to take your
anger and frustration with your parents and your childhood
out on "the home-schooling system". I am sorry that all those horrible things had to happen to you, really, no child should ever have to suffer the way you apparently did. But I don't believe that "home-schooling" was to fault here. Perhaps
counselling and getting involved in "bringing child abuse forward" group would be a little more productive, then attacking homeschooling groups. Homeschooling of various versions have been in existence for as long as man (think about even cavemen taught their sons to hunt!) and the public school system has only been around for about 100 years. I believe homeschooling will always be in existence in one form or another, I think any anti-homeschool group would be taking on a huge piece of meat to chew, if the decide to fight it!!
One question for you: if your homeschooling (just the homeschooling, not the lack of parental support, beatings etc).
was so horrible and continues to be so for you, why is it that you are: 1) Obviously computer literate
2) Obviously literate
3) Your writing skills are wonderful
4) You know your grammar and spelling faultlessly
5) like you said 25 years old and a "professional"
--I know an awful lot of women your age who went to
public school and aren't doing half as well.
What do you make of that???
I don't think your "lack of education" served you that badly!!
I think you need to work on your "abuse" before attacking others (most of great!) and their choices to homeschool their children.

28 Jun, 2021 11:46 AM

As a teacher, I have seen good and bad aspects to home schooling.
Parents are a child's first teachers and it lasts throughout the child's life. A parent who has a good education themselves is quite capable of teaching their children well.
On the other hand, a parent who just wants to avoid school because it question's how their children are being treated or abused is not a good situation. A parent who cannot read, probably should send their kids to private or public school.
Parents whose children walk all over them should not home school since that parent may not be able to push their kids to excel very far.
Parents who refuse to teach science or social studies should not home school...I'm not talking about evolution...parents can refuse to not teach that, but a basic knowledge of science and social studies is important.
I guess the question that should be asked about each separate situation is: "Well the child be learning a good solid background of skill and knowledge to advance in education as far as they wish?" If the situation allows for this, then it is probably OK.

28 Jun, 2021 11:47 AM

You're a 25 year old professional who was homeschooled and you have a problem with this!

I know some 45 year old shelf stockers at Wal Mart and K Mart making $10 an hour with a HS diploma.

Good thing your parents didn't send you to Columbine, you might be a statistic today instead of working with statistics.

Maybe you should go to the Bronx and let Oprah take you on a tour of the PS

Maybe you should go to the SFV and see the elementary schools with metal detectors

28 Jun, 2021 11:47 AM

If you try to make homeschooling illegal I don't think anyone would benifit. Some kids feel more comfortable in a homescholling enviroment. Think about the kids who were bullied or had anxiety at school and etc. Public schooling was not good for them, and being forced into an uncomfortable enviroment can scar a child for life.
Just because your homeschooling expierence wasn't so great, doesn't mean that others feel the same way. I just became homeschooled, it was my decisiona and I wanted to, I had to practically force my parents to let me do it. And I LVE it! If I had to be forced back to school to tell you the truth, I might kill myslef, literally.