27 Jun, 2021 07:48 PM

im 15 and been kicked out of school !!!?

im 15 and been kicked out of school half way threw year 10 my school said they was going to give me work to do but never did and now i no i have made a big mistake my misbehaving but im still on there roll just not allowed in school and no other school will accept me in my area im supost to be going into year eleven but not allowed what shud i do help me please

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27 Jun, 2021 07:49 PM

I was kicked out of school but only for a short weekend (kicked out on Friday went back on Monday) that was over my rebellious appearance.  All I had to do was conform to the school's uniform requirements and I was allowed back in school. 

The information I am going to give is for the UK so if you don't live in the UK some of the details might not apply to you.

I don't believe you are "kicked out" as in expelled as you are Still on the register, so it sounds like you have been suspended.  This is a temporary issue and the head of the school should have told both you and your parents what the requirements are for you to return.

Go to the head's office if you don't know what the requirements are for getting back into school.

Alternatively, if your misbehaviour is down to your outright hatred of school why not choose to educate yourself. All you need is a lot of self motivation and a local library.  Of course your parents will have to pay for any exams they put you through (home education is a more expensive option but gives you much much more freedom to learn at your own pace).

If you wish to go down the home education route and your parents are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, all you need is for your parents to write to the school asking that your name be taken off the register in compliance with the pupil's registration act. After that you can learn in any way you like.

If you reach 16 without qualifications it isn't a big deal either, there are loads of government schemes out there for people who lack qualifications to get them. Colleges, Adult Education centres, even the Open University.  Now that is in my opinion the best academic option as they do not require you to have any qualifications to get into their ground level courses, you work from home at your own pace and end up with a degree. (That way you bypass the whole GCSE / A'level route and go straight for the graduate education).

If you hate academics, there are government apprenticeship schemes and vocational courses taught at college if you prefer more hands on practical learning, rather than text book stuff.

Either way you have a lot of choices and options to explore. At the moment though you have one big choice to consider, back to school or home education.

Incidentally, the government wants to take away your right to home educate. Instead of the choice being with your parents and you, they want to make your parents have to apply to the local authority for permission to home educate and be forced to undergo regular inspections.

Check out the details below.  I would ask you to sign the e-petition with 10 Downing Street opposing the Badman Report if you live in the UK, of course the choice is entirely yours. If you think the Badman recommendations are good then by all means don't sign the petition.

27 Jun, 2021 07:49 PM

dont listen to thatmimi girl...U have chosen to keep the baby which is a good choice in my opinion. U are taking responsibility for your actions..and just because u are pregnant doesnt mean u cannot go to school and go to doc apts. doc appts are every 4-5 weeks and for only 1 day.. so once a month u will have an appt until u are almost ready to give birth..I have seen many many girls go to school, work and be pregnant at the same time,,,U just have to do what u have to do. I'm also glad to hear your boyfriend is sticking around and not threatening to leave u during this time..I got pregnant with my first at 19 and got kicked out but me and my man made it and now on #4 and married. Go to school and stay with your friend for now.. since they say they are working take that to heart until u see otherwise and if anything happens that makes u feel uncomfortable then move on and take care of yourself and your baby...U can do this, dont stress..and Good Luck!

27 Jun, 2021 07:49 PM

If you are still on roll it is a temporary exclusion and they have to provide work for you for the first 5 days.  After that the Local Education Authority (usually the County Council) has to provide an alternative school.

If have actually been kicked out then you shouldn't be on roll.  You need to tell the LEA so you can be assigned a new school.

The LEA has to provide a school place for you.  If no regular schools will take you it will probably be a Pupil Referral Unit.  The kind of place with fire proof furniture and no heavy objects.  The local schools would have to have a pretty good reason for refusing to take you if you have only been kicked out of school once.

To be clear, if you have been kicked out and are still on roll at your old school the school is trying to pull a fast one on the LEA.  Technically fraud.

27 Jun, 2021 07:49 PM

Write a letter to the headteacher of your old school (an intelligent well written one with no spelling mistakes) explaining that you have seen the error of your ways and realise how important an education is. Tell them   that you are prepared to behave responsibly and conform to school rules. 

Doing this yourself shows maturity and that you have thought long and hard about your actions. Ask if you can come and see the head so they can see that you are genuine but leave attitude at home and think before you speak.

However, you must be prepared to step up to the mark if they do take you back.

Good luck!

27 Jun, 2021 07:50 PM

This answer for if you're in the UK.

If your parent have NOT de-registered you then your Local Authority is legally required to continue to provide you with an education. They don't have a choice. They could send you to another school, or a pupil referral unit or provide you with tuition at home, even sign you up with NotSchool. What they can NOT do is just leave you sitting at home with nothing to do, that is against the law. You need to call them up, or have your parents do so, and ask them what they're going to do. If they won't do anything call your local MP, make a fuss. 

It's totally outrageous. Those of us who home educate are having to fight off busy bodies in government who insist that they're worried that our children might not be getting a suitable education, and there you are, their legal responsibility and they're doing jack sh*t!

27 Jun, 2021 07:50 PM

As I see it you have three options:

1. Enroll in an alternative school.  These are provided for kids who've had trouble in traditional schools.  If you've had trouble with the law for your misbehavior, court school is an option too.

2. Enroll in a cyber school.  You have to stay motivated if you make this choice.  There are teachers, but they aren't in your home watching your every move. 

3. Homeschool.  Again stay motivated.  You don't have a safety net.  

Good luck.  No lectures from me about your bad choices.  Start new and make the right ones.