27 Jun, 2021 07:46 PM

Ever notice how homeschoolers think...?

Why is it that homeschoolers like to bring up the topic, then get all deffensive about it? I understand it works and is even better for some people. We're not saying these kids have an easy life or never deal with problems...but it is very different, and are not forced into a world that much more resembles the word everyone esle functions in, and your children miss out on how to do something with out mommy or daddy right there to guide them, or tell them its ok every second. (which is what parents are supposed to do...I'm not saying its wrong...but if your there for every bump and bruise, then they can't take care of themselves later on) We do not think we're better, or worse than you...but if you bring up the topic, and we express real concern for children who might be better off out of the homeschooling system, don't lash back cause it's not what you wanted to hear...open your minds, not just your mouths. Update: again...blue seal, i am not telling anyone what to or what not to do with their children, but when someone poses a question and I give real advice about some of the downfalls...then they lash out it is disturbing. If you don't want to hear both sides the story then don'r ask the question...my questions is WHY do they do this...it's like they pose the question just to rip on those of us who show concern for children that we've never met...look back at what I said and if can comprehend it, I clearly said it IS right for some people...

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27 Jun, 2021 07:46 PM

I suppose I can respond to the email I received from you here...

I wanted to point out first of all, the answer you gave wasn't even an answer to Gods Girls question. She is someone who is happy to be home schooled and was asking about other peoples experiences at their homes. You took it as an opportunity to rant against home schoolers. 

If you look at my other answers, I never said that everyone should home school. The majority of home schoolers truly want the best for their kids and don't over protect and make it a priority that they are properly prepared to take care of themselves.  As for the real world? Public school is a bunch of same age kids divided into same age groups, made to sit at a desk the majority of the day, follow rules like lining up and walking to different areas, asking to go to the bathroom, things like that. While all necessary in school, when is the last time you as an adult did any of that in the real world? My kids learn to shop, how to balance a checking account, how to deal with people of all ages and backgrounds respectfully, how to use time wisely, and facing consequences for poor choices. They also have lots of time to volunteer and have learned how different parts of the government work. 

I don't see that there is an actual question in that question, but I hope that clears up my response. I truly wish you the best.

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The only time I answer negatively to someone’s opinion (or rate thumbs down) is when someone comes on and answers as if they are speaking on something they know facts about. Statistically, home schooling has proven itself in all ways. I am sure you can find a case here and there of people who call themselves home schoolers and use it as an excuse to neglect or even abuse their kids. I could find similar cases of kids educated in schools. But over all, it has done very well statistically.

27 Jun, 2021 07:46 PM

My children are thriving being homeschooled as well as several other families I know. Every child is different. However, many people try to stereotype them based upon limited or no exposure to homeschool families. So if they see a well adjusted family they may think that is how all homeschoolers are. Same applies if they see a bunch of misbehaving brats with fanatical parents. It's not. Just like public and private school children, each is different. They are just being taught at home by their parents instead of in a class. One of the reasons we homeschool is because traditional values and manners are being taught in schools. I don't want my kids to be around all that and frequently have strangers compliment me or my husband on how well behaved the kids are. Even on days I think they are acting terrible!

27 Jun, 2021 07:47 PM

You are being so general I really don't even know what it is you are talking about. Is there a specific question you have in mind?

Sometimes the questions themselves ARE a lashing out at all the naysayers in here. Your own question is actually begging for an outlash since it is full of the misconceptions that homeschoolers are so sick and tired of hearing. 

"They are not force into a world that much more resembles the world everyone else functions in"--which adult lives the life of a public school student? Not one. Not even those in college.

"Your children miss out on how to do something without mommy or daddy right there to guide them. Or tell them it's ok every second." Why would you assume that homeschoolers are always right there to guide them? How do you know how homeschoolers are raising their kids?

"If you are there for every bump and bruise, they can't take care of themselves later on." Studies to support this? And you are assuming that homeschooling parents are going to all approach the bumps and bruises in the same way, like they will all be so gushy gushy over it and baby the child. Not all parents are like that.

You are telling US to open our minds??? When it is clear from your own question that your mind is not open enough to consider that parents are not raising/homeschooling their kids the way you think they are? Your concern is unfounded because it's not at all accurate of how I and others I know homeschool. THAT is why we lash out--because time and time again we are judged for being something we aren't and people don't listen. It's got NOTHING to do with things not being what we wanted to hear and EVERYTHING to do with being consistently inaccurately painted.

27 Jun, 2021 07:47 PM

***We're not saying these kids have an easy life or never deal with problems...but it is very different, and are not forced into a world that much more resembles the word everyone esle functions in, ***

Oh, I'm sorry. I live in the really real world. You LIVE in the public school system world??


Stop and think through an argument before you begin it... that's a start. And yes, in answer to your question, "Ever notice how homeschoolers think?" Yes, I have. I have noticed how homeschoolers are able to think through an argument before speaking. But, they are at an advantage.... they aren't spoon fed information and made to fill in a circle to prove knowledge. ;)

Source(s): common sense and 4 years experience teaching my homeschooled children

27 Jun, 2021 07:47 PM

I'm curious about how many homeschool families you are around?

This sounds like generalizations, not any kind of facts.  

Here's an example of my boy's afternoon:

Today at lunch with another homeschool mom & her sons, a couple of sherrif's deputies came into the restuarant.  The boys wanted to go say hello to them.  So, we watched while our "unsocialized" kids went over and first said, "excuse me".  Then they continued to talk with the officers for 5 - 10 minutes about being a deputy and how to become one and what they should be doing now to prepare for it.  Then when the deputies food arrived, they all thanked the officers and told them to enjoy their lunch.  The oldest boy is 7, there are two 6-year olds, two 4-year olds and a 2-year old.

My boys are very comfortable in social situations because I'm there to make sure they are safe.  Just as I teach them in reading and math, I teach them in dealing with society.  They live and function in the real world, not in the created world of public school.  I don't know of very many jobs where you have to worry about getting your lunch money stolen or getting a wedgie or being an outcast because you don't have the right clothes.  

Perhaps if you were to visit a local homeschool co-op or group, you could see for yourself how homeschooling works.  It seems you are the one with the closed mind.  Almost any homeschool parent will readily admit that homeschooling is not for everyone.  Just look at the answers here.  We made a choice that is best for our children, of course we're going to defend it.  

I can tell you that some of my best young employees were homeschooled.  They tend to have strong work ethics, be self motivators, have great public relations and know how to learn.  I'll bet you interact with  homeschool alumi almost everyday and don't even know it.

27 Jun, 2021 07:47 PM

To put it plain and simple, people have a penant (possible misspelling  there sorry) for debate.

 You have three sides:

Side 1: raised to believe that anything different is wrong (if you are placed in a box that is where you MUST stay)

Side 2: testing the boundaries and pushing buttons are what make you a true person

Side 3: strattle the fence and change opinions constantly since they hate to cause or be in the middle of controversy.

Most topics have been argued over for years ( some settled, most not). Segregation, Interracial relationships, Slavery are just a few topics....there are too many to list and I could go on forever.

I am a side 2 and proud of it....someone gives me their opinion...I smiled, nod and get on with my life. Everyone is entiteled to their opinion, no one said you had too agree.

Source(s): Homeschooling for 4 yrs now and truly don't care whether anyone else likes it or not.

27 Jun, 2021 07:48 PM

Ok well I think you Are trying to make it sound better now. I want every body to do this. Go to my Question Homeschooled. and tell me what it sounds like. I think it sounds like He is tellin Us ALL that  are parents or we are setting  kids up for failure if we homeschool. And SO what If you have been to a few camps That gives YOU NO PROOF None at all.

False assumptions

There for every Bump and Bruise

Momy and Daddy right there to guide you

They cant take care of themselves later on

Miss out on things with out Mommy and Daddy

Are kids DO NOT miss out on ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!