27 Jun, 2021 06:51 PM

How can I convince my parents to let me go to a different school ?

Well I'm going to the 8th grade .and I'm (supposed ) to be going to the same school I been going to since 6th grade , but I want to go to a different middle school .School haven't started yet so I still have time to persuade my parents to let me go to a different school.But How do I persuade them ? I hate the school that I'm (supposed ) to be going to with a passion .Caan someone pleaseee help me convince them to let me change schools ?

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27 Jun, 2021 06:52 PM

First find out if it's possible to transfer.  Some school districts allow open enrollment on a space available basis.  Others don't.  In California, where I live, you can do an inter-district transfer (out of district) with the permission of both districts.  It's their call, they don't have to allow it, but usually they will.  If both approve it, then there is NO TUITION paid.  The schools receive the tax dollars for the students enrolled.  Our schools are funded through the state and minimal local parcel taxes.  

Once you find out if it's possible, come up with some good reasons.  WHY do you hate the school? What would make the other one better? All that type of stuff.

27 Jun, 2021 06:52 PM

Parents are usually persuaded by academic 

results so if the school you want to go to has a

better reputation academically, then you can tell them


Or just rant on about better facilities and how you think

this is the school for you, how this could benefit your

future because you would be able to focus in an environment

full of people just like you, etc..

You get the drift :)

27 Jun, 2021 06:52 PM

Maybe there was an incident that occured at your school. If you tell your parents of something that happened to you in the past, they just might change you. Parents can be a bit stubborn at times, and not listen or pay attention to events a child tells them.

27 Jun, 2021 06:52 PM

I'm going to assume you can transfer.  That part of it done, find a reason other than the generic "I HATE it!!!!"  Most parents aren't persuaded by drama.  If you can show them the school you want to transfer to has better academics, fewer disciplinary problems, more courses, things like that, then they will likely consider it.

27 Jun, 2021 06:53 PM

Depends on your state. In my state, you can't transfer anywhere, even within district. You're stuck, or you go to private school. 

We have only one caveat, and that's if your school is actually failing so badly that it's lost accreditation. The state supreme court ruled that they HAVE to let kids out in that case, but it's an enormous big deal. 

In the state where I grew up, you could go anywhere in the district, all you had to do was fill out some paperwork and you're done. 

So it really depends on where you live as to whether or not you can even transfer, let alone convince your parents.