27 Jun, 2021 06:45 PM

Wat do i do if my son eighth grader got picked. on and i have proof hes been discrimated against?

The day before graduating. Teacher released my son from school. Princible said he was suspended no note sent and he was not able to walk with is 8th grade class. Next day grad day . Suspension supposedly reversed two hours till ceremoney and His name never on ceremony sheet of graduating students. So they excluded him prior to his suspension the day before graduation ceremony i feel this will have an effect in now high school in aug this year of 2013 should I forget about it cuz he no longer goes to that school I think cuz he entered in that school in the middle of 8th grade year or continue to proceed and demand his name be apart of it a sue for discrimination I feel he is gping to need cousiling

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27 Jun, 2021 06:45 PM

It's not necessarily discrimination but sometimes retaliation by the bullies that run the school.  

Schools have a tendency to single out students they do not want to stay in school, especially those that drag down test scores.  Your son would not be the first kid suspended during test taking week.  

Our son was  suspended because of something another student did.  They figured he must have been involved but he wasn't.  What we did was get a lawyer.  He got our son returned to school immediately, got the false information out of his record and stopped the harassment. 

I'm sorry your son is being treated that way.  Know that it will probably continue until they can push him out of school completely.  He is at risk of being 'set up' to commit a crime so they will have reason to dispel him.  I have seen that, too.  

In homeschooling we call those children "Push Outs" because they are pushed out of the public school.  I'm sorry.  It's tough on your and your son.  

What I would recommend is an attorney

27 Jun, 2021 06:45 PM

Don't worry about it. Especially since he no longer goes to school there. The ceremony's over and done with. Even if they reprinted it with his name, it's meaningless. Don't teach him to hold a grudge. You are overreacting if you think he's needing counseling over something like this. He'll only need counseling if you push him in that direction by making a big deal about it.

27 Jun, 2021 06:46 PM

I agree, well your doing everything right, it would be good for him to get counselling if he is hurt by what they did, and you should definitely confront the principle or whever is at the top. this shouldn't of happened, ridiculous.

also im not sure if your a troll, because your spelling is horrible principle is spelt with s p not b. also you use allot of slang.