27 Jun, 2021 06:36 PM

Why is home schooling good?

SO ya.. I'm not home schooled but i have cousins that are. They don't know half the stuff I know and I was taught in public school.

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27 Jun, 2021 06:37 PM

That right, they don't know a lot of things you were taught in school...because those things are useless facts that you will never use outside of a classroom setting.

Your cousins know many things you don't know.

So stop thinking that schools teach important subjects or useful information.

Source(s): Parent of a homeschool graduate

27 Jun, 2021 06:37 PM

Homeschooling has many positive points.  Among them are that homeschooling is a very flexible method of education.  It allows for a great teacher to student ration, allowing individual instruction time. Homeschooling provides the ability to teach to a student's specific learning style.  Not everyone learns the same way, some learn well from books, others learn well by doing, or on the computer. Homeschooling can be tailor made for each student, supplementing the student's weaknesses and allowing the student to move ahead where he or she can.  Homeschooling is also good because it takes less time than public schools.  Time is not used to change classes, or ride buses, or stand in lines.  In homeschooling time is not used up with classroom disturbances or teaching to the test.  By allowing the basic academics to be learned at a quicker pace, there is more time for the student to study things that interest him or her specifically, such as independent study time.

27 Jun, 2021 06:37 PM

Homeschooling is  as good as you make it and as good as you put it to use.  Kids do learn "facts" they "think" are worthless in school.  Most of the time they aren't quite as useless as they think.  I use algebra every day.  I do my own home repairs, so I'm glad I've learned the basics of geometry and algebra.  Of course, nobody taught me to use the tools in school, that was the putting it to use part.  My dad did taught me that, and GASP! I went to a school.  There goes the homeschooling mythology that every child who attends school arrives home at 3:45 and is placed in a bubble. Schooling parents never teach their child a thing.  (BS)  You'd think they'd be aware of that since they are in the same after school and community activities that all those schooled kids are.    I guess those who think that are too busy sitting on the pedestal of perfection their mommy has created.  It's a long fall when you find out that the world isn't as impressed with you as your narcissist parents who live through you.  It's an even longer fall when you are so isolated that you think every kid has exactly the same experiences that you do.  "I was homeschooled/schooled, and therefore everyone who did the same is like me.  We all know this or that".  I wasn't taught in school history what that answer says I was.  Gosh, everyone answering you  went to a school, so I guess we all  know nothing even if we homeschool our kids.

  But wait, I may be harsh, and to a point it's deserved.  But it's true of schooled kids and their parents too.  Unless you put those things you learned in school to use, they mean nothing.  Like K points out, nobody likes a pompous person.  Knowing facts isn't going to get you anywhere if you don't know how to get along with people and how to use the facts.  You just fell into the trap.  You're focused on putting your cousins down.  You'd do better to focus on yourself and putting that "great" education to work.  

Your argument is weak.  So is the argument that homeschoolers, specifically your cousins, know more than you or that schools teach nothing important.  Nothing is important just because it's learned at home or at school.  It's important because you think for yourself.  Not the way your teachers or your homeschooling clique tells you to. 

 Successful people do not worry about how everyone else is not as successful as them!  ***Quit worrying about building yourself up at the expense of others***

27 Jun, 2021 06:37 PM

I have to caution my own homeschooled kid about that, too. He's always quizzing his friends on obscure stuff he learned in history. "Who was the first Chinese emperor?" "Which two kings was Eleanor of Aquitaine married to?" "Which English king was the last of the Plantagenets?" Clearly the kids in late elementary school haven't really studied that, so they have no idea. He's quick to jump on the idea of "They don't know half the stuff I know! Kids in school must be really stupid!" 

Um, no, they're not. You're learning different things. In the end, all of you will have gone over the same material and will know the same basic stuff, so lay off. Eventually they caught on and started quizzing him about the Civil War...which seems totally fair to me, because HE hadn't gotten to that point in history yet, either! 

Now they're pretty much at a draw and realize that no one is "stupid" or "behind." Instead of quizzing each other to discover who's the best in this competition, they're asking, "What are you studying in History now?" They compare notes, but it's more respectful.

Very little is more socially off-putting than a know-it-all getting in your face and proclaiming how fabulous they are. 


27 Jun, 2021 06:38 PM

They may not know half the stuff, but they probably have more real world experience, and were probably taught the RIGHT stuff..........not half the crap that's still taught in our history books,  like the Native Indians were "savages".......and they attacked us. 

We broke every single last peace treaty we signed with them.  We did.  Not them.........we did. 

We still teach kids Alexander Grahm Bell invented the telephone.   No, he did not. 

Antonio Meucci invented the telephone and Bell stole the patent.  Even Congress finally agreed to that in 2002--------and set the record straight.........but the history books still teach false bullcrap .

Slaves did not build the Pryamids.  The entire fact that they were credited to a certain Pharoh, *at all*..........was based on ONE ridiculous piece of GRAFFITI..........supposedly found by one Explorer, hoping to make a name for himself.  

Nothing else, anywhere, links the 3 Great Pyramids to that Pharoh and successive generations, just keep teaching the same stupid lie-----because the so called "experts" don't want to admit they are wrong. 

I could go on.  I went to public school too.   And then I actually educated myself afterwards-

27 Jun, 2021 06:38 PM

Home schooling is good if the teacher does a good job. Generally home school classes are small, often only one or two students. The student can learn at his or her own pace. However the teacher needs to be mindful of standardized tests and college requirements. Some students need to be challenged to socialize in other ways such as scouting, libraries, church groups, or other large groups of similar aged children.