27 Jun, 2021 06:28 PM

what do i do if i’ve been exposed to someone who tested positive for covid-19?

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27 Jun, 2021 06:32 PM

Answer: Depending on whether or not you elect to get flu vaccinations, the best option would be to make sure that you're always doing your best to avoid contact with people who are ill.

If you do contract covid-19 and don't have access to a vaccine, supportive care is essential. Although there are no antiviral treatments for Covid-19 infection currently available, it's important for those infected to receive support from a healthcare professional by drinking plenty of fluids and receiving additional oxygen if needed. Likewise, non-flu immunizations should be sought after as soon as possible, such as measles or polio - two potentially deadly diseases common among children that can also pose a threat for adults. Non-flu immunization may help prevent the