27 Jun, 2021 06:14 PM

I do not agree with homeschooling! Do you??

my little sister is being homeschooled just because she got picked on in school for a couple days, me ,...I'm 19, I got picked on all the way through school for being poor and they never homeschooled me, and i was molested. My sister now is a spoiled little brat, she bosses my parents around, and everytime I come to the house she is playing playstation, she doesnt do much school at all, I have first hand expirience and I DO NOT like homeschooling. How does a child learn reality if you shelter them from it. You build personality in school, if you shelter them forever, when they finally leave the nest, they will be clueless and make so many mistakes it will dumbfound you. Update: I used to get picked on for being molested, me and my familia had to move out of state, my parents didnt molest me someone else did, my sister now is the most spoiled child I ever met, she has no respect, she has never been spanked or grounded, its a shame I just dont get it, am i missing something? Update 2: I'm sure if i were homeschooled and my parents did all the work for me I would have graduated with high honors like all homeschooled kids, i mean we all know what goes on during homeschooling

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27 Jun, 2021 06:14 PM

i think its stupid too. and a lot of times the parent teaching the child is not very smart. my little sister was homeschool for a while. my step mom - who was teaching her - is a moron. she was 6 years old and didnt even know the alphabet. needless to say my dad put her in school.

i feel that some homeschooled children miss out on a crucial lesson in life. and some grow up to be socially inept. 

however, if the parent teaching the child is well educated and the child has access to many of his or her peers, then the consequences of homeschooling is usually minimized or even nonexistant.

27 Jun, 2021 06:15 PM

My daughter was in school for 5  years prior to being homeschooled.  The last three years she faced some tough social situations, mainly because she was one of only a handful on caucasion children in the school.  However, we made the decision to home school not just because she had a rough time socially, but because she simply does not learn well in a traditional classroom setting.  She is an auditory learner and had a processing disorder on top, so that simple things like memorizing multiplication tables is extremely frustrating.    

Most homeschool parents go out of their way to be sure the kids get as much socialization as possible.  Homeschool kids still hang out with their friends in the neighborhood and on their teams.  Even in homeschooling groups, there are cliques, cool kids and the "wierdos".  It is life like any other school aged child gets, just in a different setting.

Finally, I can understand why you are so angry about how your schooling worked out.  It sounds like there were a lot of things that were unfair.  Parents aren't perfect.  We do the best we can and admittedly, sometimes we screw up. I went through something very similar to what you describe, but my parents handled it the only way they knew how.  They pretended it didn't happen and while i was never left alone with my molester again, I was expected to be polite and friendly when we saw him at family gatherings.  I was angry at them for a long time...still am in some ways...but they did what they could, what they thought was right.  It doesn't make it easier or let them off the hook, but it let me start working through the rest of the emotions I had hidden for so long.

27 Jun, 2021 06:15 PM

I'll tell you something.  You had my sympathy until you said this:

"I'm sure if i were homeschooled and my parents did all the work for me I would have graduated with high honors like all homeschooled kids, i mean we all know what goes on during homeschooling"

My boys works hard to EARN their accomplishments.  Nothing is handed to them, just as nothing was handed to me - I worked hard to overcome obstacles, too.  I would be doing them a GRAVE disservice to "do all the work for them".  I don't know of ANY homeschooling parents that would even consider this.

In our state, homeschoolers don't graduate "with honors", they just graduate.  If homeschooled students test higher on PSATs, SATs, ACTs, and other standardized tests, don't you think MAYBE they actually know the material?  Or did their parents take THOSE tests for them, too.

Maybe your parents learned from what happened to you and that's why they chose to homeschool her.  If she's just out of school, it's generally considered a good idea to allow children to have some downtime (a week for each year of public school) before they start into homeschooling.  Or, maybe she's doing the work when you're not around - we can get through an entire day's work in about 4 hours.

Life is not easy and it won't get any easier for you if you keep loooking at others and how easy they supposedly have it.  I'm sorry about the terrible injustice that was done to you, but the past will NEVER change.  You can use it as a crutch that keeps you from moving forward, or you can learn to stand on your own two feet and not let the molester have the victory.  The choice is yours.

27 Jun, 2021 06:15 PM

I'm sorry that you have had such a bad life.  Maybe your parents don't want your sister to experience the same horror that you went through.  I hope that you are not bitter and jealous --- that is called sibling rivalry.

If your sister is playing playstation and not doing much school then she is not going to be prepared for real life.  

You can become a good friend to her by encouraging her to do better.  

Study for yourself about the realities of homeschooling.  Show her what you learn.  Teach her how to think for herself.  Let her know that she can excel by becoming her own best teacher.  She can learn to do her math completely on her own. She can write simple essays and read really good books. 

Is she playing all day?  or is she studying when you are not with her?

Why not find something really good to do together?  Become friends.

Let her know about the possiblity of getting into a really good college.  Help her to focus on her studies.  Are you in college?  Do you have a really good job?

Homeschooling didn't make her into a brat.  Poor parenting can do that to any child no matter what is the method of education.


27 Jun, 2021 06:16 PM

I'm sure if i were homeschooled and my parents did all the work for me I would have graduated with high honors like all homeschooled kids, i mean we all know what goes on during homeschooling


Excuse you? Please get your facts straight. That's not right..

I've been in a public school my whole life. I'm now a sophmore, and my school was so terrible, my mom decided to homeschool me.

She doesn't teach me, a private teacher with a full education does.

When I need help, the attention is on me. Not 30 other kids that are throwing paper balls around the room and making stupid jokes.

And I'm not anti-social.Like I said, I've been in a public school my whole life until this year. I still hang out with my friends 2-3 times a week, I talk on the phone, go on Myspace, AIM, MSN, etc. 

I go to the college over here for a few classes everyday.

My mother doesn't do ANY of my work, I do it myself thank you very much.

Sounds to me like you're just jealous of your sister, no offence.

Please don't throw around things like that as if their facts, those really just your biased opinions..