27 Jun, 2021 03:17 PM

I am depressed... please help me.?

Hi, I am a 17 year old male with a few problems. Please bear with me because this will be a long post and I really need your help. The thing is I am socially depressed. I hate going to school because I don't want to be around people. It's not that I hate people all together but I just doing like being at school because people in general do not like me. They make me feel horrible about myself. I hate being around them. I am not going to list why they do not like me because I have been trying to fix that problem for the past few years with no success. I have asked on this site dozens of times but no one was able to help me with the exact problem. I tried talking to a professional person about the problem but they were also unable to help me fix it. The best time I have is when I am alone in my room or really when I am done with school for the day. But the worst time of my day is when I am at school. I have sometimes cried myself to sleep because of what I go through. My only solution is to leave public school and do a home schooling program or something like that. It is my last year of high school and I really don't want to feel depressed anymore till I graduate. I have been depressed in high school ever since freshman year. True, I got three years down already but I still remember many occasions that had happened to me during those three years which were horrible to me. I don't even have any friends at this school and its been like 6 weeks already. I don't talk to anyone, but that's not the reason why I want out of it. This problem is even causing my grades to fail and I really do not care. I have 3 F's and a D and I don't care much because what is important to me now is how I feel. I truly believe that not being around people I do not want to be around will help me. I will feel more relaxed and thus enjoy my life more. I will still hang out with the few friends I have out of school who accept me for who I am. I will even try to be more social out of my home-life by hanging out with those friends more, going to the park, going to the mall just to chill, etc. I was even thinking about making a YouTube blog to help me. This will only be until school ends. It will probably provide me with the time I need to try and fix my problem and change things about my life I do not enjoy. I will still go to college like a regular student. I can?t just tell all this to my parents. They won?t understand it. What I thought about doing is starting a fight on purpose with a random guy at my school. This will cause me to get suspended from school. I will then ask my parents to do home schooling for me instead. If they still do not understand I will tell them the truth and hope they will understand. I also thought of talking to the school counselor about home schooling but they probably won?t do much anyways? You might think I am crazy and will ruin my life if I do this. Well? socially my life is already ruined. So that won?t get any worse. I do want to become a doctor so I do have plans to going to college so its not that I just don?t want to go to school. Please provide me with any advice you might have. Thank you for your time.

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27 Jun, 2021 03:17 PM

Since you are 17 you can legally drop out of school without your parent's consent. Once you fill out the forms to drop out, you can send an intent to homeschool letter to your school district and you're on your way. But you have to find some way to get your mom to sign the letter!

But in any case, Colleges LIKE homeschoolers, so I don't think that will be a problem for your future. Try telling her that.

27 Jun, 2021 03:17 PM

Hi hun,

  Highschool is a very trying time for MOST people.  Your not alone. Feeling like you want to be alone is not a problem, as long as you enjoy it.  I'll put it to you this way.  Why not give it your all if you want to be a doctor.  Your not doing anyone any favors by failing in classes because you don't want to be there.  Fact is, you ARE there so make the most of it.  Why would you want to re-do a year, more time there...don't do it!

   In the mean time, why don't you tell your parents the real reason.  They may just be cooler than you think and really have advice and maybe even a soulution.  Maybe the home school is an option.  I worry that maybe you have social anxiety and that is something that your doctor can help you fix. You need to start talking.  It's okay to feel the most relaxed at home, I do.  But don't exclude your friends.  Get out there and live.  When I graduated I was so happy I never had to go back.  You have your WHOLE life of exciting things to come to you.  

Hang in there, do your best, it will be over quicker.  No fighting.  That won't look good for you on your college application.  Do a blog, keep busy.  Don't fall into a deep depression when there are great things comming your way.  You sound really smart and you should take advantage of that!


27 Jun, 2021 03:18 PM

I feel for you man, Ive been depressed for about 2 1/2 years and it's really ***!ng tarring me apart (it's a bit diff for me cause im a 14 year old girl). But, try all your options, except for maybe the starting a fight, cause that could get messy , and believe me iv thought about starting a fight and sh!t like that, and I totally chickened out. You should also ask your shrink for meds (what im gonna do). I'm also just gonna try and hold out for a year until i leave the school im at now and go to a diff and better 1. But the problem with being alone all the time is that you eventually become your only best friend, but when you start to relise that not even that works, then you start to feel really ***!ng lonely, which gets you even more depressed, which is when the  paranoia starts, and all of a sudden you have 2 things wrong with you (anxiety and depression), which is really ***!ng depressing (so its like this huge vicious circle). I personally am at this stage, and have never felt sh!tier. I almost killed myself early on in the process, when it was all still new, so I'm over that, but it could be coming round the mountain for you :) GOOD LUCK!!

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27 Jun, 2021 03:18 PM

I think the worst thing to do is to provoke someone and start a fight.

As you may have heard, violence doesn't solve much of anything.

However, this probably wouldn't be true if you didn't aspire to go to college, especially since you are wanting to be a doctor.

Personally, I would suggest toughing it out. You've already finished 1/6 of the school year after all. But for one, I can't empathize with your situation very easily. I also dislike school, but not for the same reasons as you.

I don't think you're ruining your life. Whether or not you want to get home schooled is your decision. Find a close friend to talk to that will bring up your spirits. Companionship can take you a long way. 

27 Jun, 2021 03:18 PM

School is definitely important, but no one's life at school should have to be a complete Hell on Earth. 

On the other hand, dude! don't start a fight... Just tell your parents how you feel. Don't assume they won't understand until you actually know that they won't understand. Try that first, so no one gets hurt and your depression won't escalate. There are great programs on the internet that are perfectly acceptable for school. It would offer more freedom as well, and for someone like you, it sounds like it would be so much of a better fit. 

But only if it REALLY makes you happy to be alone like that. If you're just trying to hide from your fears, it can be a bad thing. I do know two people that do school via internet, and they're social butterflies when out of the house. you can totally still have friends and be home schooled. 

Good luck! You can email me if you feel like I didn't help enough