27 Jun, 2021 03:01 PM

Entering public school for the first time...?

Would it be a bad idea for a girl to enter public high school after being homeschooled/in and out of private schools her entire life? My mom let my brother but she will not let me 'because I'm a girl and public school girls are nasty'. That's the only reason. I'm wondering if this is all just crap she's making up...how bad can it be? Update: If anybody has any ideas on how I could CONVINCE my stubborn-minded mother that I could get along fine in high school...that'd be great. She doesn't understand the whole sheltered-social skill development thing and thinks my future education is hopeless if I go to somewhere "below my academic skills' like-- Horrors! Public high school! Where the...NORMAL people go!!!!!

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27 Jun, 2021 03:01 PM

I go to public school and most people find their niche. There are some skank girls but there are some great girls too that are really helpful and nice. 

Research the public schools in your area. Ask you mom to just take you to them and look them over. That way she can see they are not that bad.

Did she go to public school? Did she have a bad expericen? Was she nasty? Ask her questions like that. 

Tell her you want companionship and friends and stuff like that and that it would be beneficial later in life. Beside you could play sports or join clubs that you have an interest in. 

School is like everwhere. There are good people and bad people. There are smart people and stupid people. There are helpful people and mean people. You have to pick your friends right if you want friends.

I live in a large city and am not from a wealthy area but there are still really good people in my school.

27 Jun, 2021 03:02 PM

I don't know about England, but in the US it would probably depend a whole lot on the state, city, school district and the kind of people there are in the neighborhood.  Pretty much everywhere you'll live though there will be people you like and other neighbors that you might not like.  I think people typically like high school more than middle school that's for sure.  And in high schools, there are so many different groups it would depend on the people you'd make friends with.  There are always pros and cons I guess, but also your mom might be biased because of how her high school experience was.  It shouldn't be too different for girls than it is for boys, there's plenty of bullying between boys and fights; girls are typically more verbal.  It can be hard, but my cousins that went to private schools had the exact same problems with "clicks" and "nasty, mean" girls.  No difference... but I guess it would depend on a lot of things.

27 Jun, 2021 03:02 PM

Well I don't consider myself Nasty, nor my sister, nor all of my class mates.  I spent my whole schooling life at public schools.  And in all courses of live their are nasty people, and school is no exception be that Public or Private.  

There are some really good public schools just as there are private.

I send my son to a public school due to financial constraints, but it is a good school with good teachers and they have great principals in regards to how the students treat each other.  Bulling is not tolerated and they learn to respect each other as individuals and to help each other.  To strive for excellence in all areas of their study.  Its a brilliant school and he loves going there.

I would love the opportunity to send my child to a private school maybe at Highschool level if finances allow.  For the extra curriculum and prestiage that goes with the school and maybe the connections he might make.  But if when the time comes if it is not doable, he will go to a public highschool of our choosing.  

I think you have to do your homework and find a school with a good reputation and speak to parents of students attending etc..  Your parents are over exaggerating the situation, they probably only want the best for you and Private Schooling is the best.  But the Public Schooling System is by no means totally inferier.  I think a lot of it comes down to each student, if you want to do well you will.

Best of luck.

27 Jun, 2021 03:02 PM

You need to explain to your mom that you are aware that there are some negative things that happen in school, but that as long as the child attending school has a strong supportive family and good solid morals... then the student will be perfectly fine in a public school.  It is a misconception that all of the students who attend public school are bad, immoral, drug using, sex crazed maniacs (who are often referred to as wolves).  Many homeschooling families think that public schools are full of bullies, sex crazed kids, drugs, violence...etc... and that is far from the truth.  The good students outweigh the bad ones greatly.  Let your mom know that you are smart and strong, and that she has equipped you with the tools necessary to resist temptation.  Allow her to give you some limitations (such as no boyfriends until __age).

edit... Sorry, but I have to respond to some of the answers I have read...  If a majority of public school girls became hookers and drug users, the epidemic would be much much worse than it is.  Also, the education is not inferior...  Homeschoolers don't grow up to be genius' or anything above and beyond what children in public school achieve.  The generalizations and stereotypes of public school children really annoy me.

27 Jun, 2021 03:03 PM

It will depend on the school. I know some homeschooled high school girls where I live who do NOT want to go to high school because they do have contact with public schooled girls here and they do not want to live that all day, 5 days a week. But that's how the public school girls are here (not all, but most this one girl I know sees regularly as part of her sports training): nasty, sleep with their boyfriends even as young as 14, a couple got pregnant at 15 and 16 and were proud of it, one recently told the group that she has herpes (she's 17--lucky girl, she gets to live with outbreaks the rest of her life or be on medication for it the rest of her life), the homeschooled girl I know (she's 16) gets harrassed and looked down on because she hasn't slept with someone yet, won't sneak out of the house to go to parties and doesn't get drunk or stoned on a regular basis. Yes, it really is that bad. I overhear things among groups of girls just being at the mall. But, that's here. Where you live, it might be better. But it could even be worse.

Other than that, a potential problem could be that they might not recognize your work and you could be forced to start out as a freshman.

Btw, "normal" doesn't necessarily mean "good".