27 Jun, 2021 02:59 PM

Why Are Home School Kids Smarter Than Public School Kids?

Nat'l Spelling Bee: 3rd year won by homeschooler. Public School kids = drunk, drugs, tatoos, pregnant Home School kids = engineers, mathmeticians, biologists

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27 Jun, 2021 02:59 PM

While I definitely agree that Home schooled kids have some advantage by being taught at home, I don't think I would use the stereotype you just did to lump all kids from both schooling options together. I know of a lot of public school kids that turned out wonderful! Very smart and level headed. And on the other hand, I have met some home school students I felt would have benefited from going to school as their parents didn't take the commitment seriously. I really believe it comes down to the parents. If they are involved in the child's life and don't just leave it up to some one else to raise their child, the child will do fine. The parent knows if the student will do ok in a public school or would benefit more from being at home. Each situation is different.

27 Jun, 2021 02:59 PM

That's an unfair stereotype. Perhaps statistically speaking, homeschoolers do better than public schoolers, but it's unfair to say that all homeschoolers are academically excellent and none are on drugs or anything like that. I actually know some homeschooling parents who are quite into the tatoo/piercing thing and wouldn't have a problem with their kids doing it once old enough. It's also unfair to say that public school kids are all drunk, on drugs or other things like that.

If we can step beyond the generalizations and look at the tendencies, the reasons are clear:

*Homeschooled students in a good homeschool get one-on-one and have a more tailored education. It takes half the time, if not less, to do the same work that is accomplished in a school setting. Homeschooled kids may have the chance at getting more done. They also have the chance to master concepts before moving on. Sometimes all it takes is good mastery of one thing to enable a student to do well in that subject in the future. If they don't obtain that mastery, they are forever struggling. Not to mention that because they don't need to spend so much time on school work, they've got a lot more free time to study spelling words. It certainly gives them an edge! (Of course, this will be dependent upon how a parent homeschools, which varies from family to family.)

*As for character, who would be most likely to refrain from drugs, teen sex, and alcohol: the child who grows up in an environment where those things aren't a focus or the child who grows up in an environment where those things are a frequent focus? It's almost like asking, "Why do kids born in Spain speak Spanish?" Because that's what they grew up around.

27 Jun, 2021 03:00 PM

The items you include in your question aren't mutually exclusive. I work daily with engineers that are as dumb as a box of hair, and know people with tatoos, kids that have gotten pregnant that are sharp as a tack. Making the wrong (from a broad societal view) decision doesn't mean you are stupid. Having a degree does not mean you are smart. I've also worked with alcoholic engineers, and mathematicians with tattoos. If you are pregnant with a tatoo...that doesn't mean you are dumb, and it doesn't mean you are publicly schooled.

I am a homeschool parent, and I just don't think that spelling bees are good measures of intelligence. They are good measures of memory, mental agility and dealing with pressure. Being smart, though, might look totally different to some. For me, extreme focus just on spelling isn't a very smart use of the available time. For them, it works fine...it's subjective.

Some studies have shown that homeschoolers do a little better on standarized tests. You can get at these studies by going to the website www.hslda.org and going to their research link.

I think for the most part, homeschoolers are just able to stay with a subject until they get it, as opposed to having to leave a subject partially understood because the schedule is calling to the instructor. If you have the luxury of being able to stay with a concept that is troubling you until you get it, that is a huge advantage.

As to other comments about studies that show homeschoolers are socially stunted, I offer this link to an article in the Journal of College Admissions...it was by the National Association for College Admission Counseling.


This is a report on a study done that shows homeschoolers in college are comparable to other students, and it goes into socialization specifically. Interesting reading. I haven't seen a real study yet that was the other way around, but then I haven't got a clue who would have a vested interest in proving it...we are such a small population, most schools just repeat the socialization issue as their mantra and move on. No facts are needed when there's no interest in the answer.

All that being said, I don't think that they are "smarter". In some cases, they may be better educated, simply be cause of the academic environment they reside in. But intelligence isn't really measured by spelling bees.

27 Jun, 2021 03:00 PM

Oh gosh, lots of reasons!
1. The parent actually CARES for the child and their education, teachers don't.
2. Homeschool, you can take your time and make sure the kids learn one concept before moving on to the next.
2. Public school, teachers can't do this. THey are mandated by the NCLB laws to teach a certain amount of things in one year. So, they have to keep going and cant' make sure the kids learn before moving on to the next thing.
3. Some teachers feel bad about this, but some don't care.
4. Homeschool kids are not mandated to follow the NCLB law, thank god!
5. THere have been MANY studies that show homeschoolers are much better than public school kids.
6. HOmeschool- there's no peer pressure to do stupid stuff like other kids do.
7. Lots of people think homeschool is BAD and no socialization?

let my message speak for itself :)

27 Jun, 2021 03:00 PM

It is a good way to learn for some people, but your question is just wrong.
The last two you mention don't count--those generalizations aren't true--there are plenty of engineers, mathmeticians and biologists that come out of public school. As for home school kids not getting drunk, on drugs or pregnant, I guess there is no chance of that if you have no friends or boyfriends and you let your parents run your life. (That was wrong--but since you were generalizing, it's fair to say to you--to any other homeschoolers, I take it back.)

And for a spelling bee won by a homeschooler--this means someone decided that spelling was worth spending a lot of his school time on. If a kid worked on spelling all day and has a personal coach (even if that's mom), it is a lot easier to learn all the words that are part of doing that hobby.