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Why are so many people so negative about homeschooling?

For me, it wouldn't be about sheltering my child from the world. It's about teaching my child that it is okay to be an individual and he doesn't have to fit into a cookie cutter mold to be accepted. And he will be socialized! Thoughts Update: I have a degree in sociology Update 2: I like to hear other people's opinions. That's why I asked. Update 3: To Happy Faces Kodi How will my child be socialized? Home school groups, Church, sports, field trips, music lessons.... etc... In reference to the "cookie cutter" In order to fit in to the social structure of a public school, you have to conform. I'm not talking just peer relations. I'm talking about the hidden agenda of the education system I would have time to go over things with my child... I'm a stay at home mom, with a degree. Public schools are about grades and national test scores. Instead a child should be instilled with a love of knowledge and an appreciation for study. Update 4: Negative Socialization Church kids are not angels. My two year old is currently dealing with an over aggressive child. Negativity is everywhere Update 5: erindaniellem You can shelter your kid and send them to public school.... My kid asks me about sex, I'm telling them. My kid asks about anything and they will be hearing the truth. I'm not a liar and I'm going to lie to my kids Update 6: I forgot to mention that my husband and I would give my child the option of attending public at a certain age. Oh and he will be attending PreSchool from the ages of three to six.... Update 7: I meant our child, not my child.. lol P.S. I really wasn't expecting the comments to be as negative as they are.... Update 8: edit I'm not a liar and I'm NOT going to lie to my kids!

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27 Jun, 2021 02:57 PM

There are two reasons:

#1 Fear of the unknown.  

#2 When people put down others, for whatever the reason, it serves to boost their own egos. 

Most people don't know a lot about home schooling.  If they put down home schooled kids, then they can justify their decision to go to school. It's their way of saying they're better than home schooled kids.   By saying home schooled kids aren't well socialized they are trying to imply that they are.  But that doesn't make sense.  Both could be have good or poor social skills.  The reasons they are so negative about home schooling aren't that different than the couple of answers from home school advocates that bash public schooling when they imply that all teachers are bad because they belong to unions or that public schooled kids are gangsters, social miscreants,  or academic failures.  Bringing up those stereotypes  justifies their decisions as well.    Neither public schooled nor home schooled kids are all identical.   How others school their children is irrelevant to how well we are educated.  If the kid who lives down the street is illiterate, that doesn't have any relevance to how well my kid reads.  How we school is a choice and we can only judge how it benefits our own children.  I understand a bit more why a home school advocate would feel the need to justify their decision, since often they are questioned in an unsolicited way.  But honestly, I believe that the benefits of home schooling and schooling stand on their own.  What is right for one student now, might not be later, and more importantly, what is right for one family isn't for another.  Nobody can judge that for another.

Edit: To make my point, why would anyone give "I love Chicago" or "Vickie N. " a thumbs down? Both expressed their opinions on either side of the issue that they're entitled to without putting anyone down.  Could it be they're not part of those thumbs down giver's cliques? .....

27 Jun, 2021 02:57 PM

  I get the feeling most of these answers are from people who are in the public school system who have never experienced homeschooling first hand.  That kind of makes it difficult for them to make an informed comment don't you think?

  The irony is that I considered putting my daughter in school this year(I have nothing against public schools) however after considering things carefully, I realized that she would be MISSING out socially by going to school.  That is how varied and enriching her activities in our homeschool group were this year. Now that might change in the future and then I would reconsider again.

  Think outside the box people!  There is more than one way to do some things!  Not necessarily better or worse(that depends on the individual) but different.  And the statistics back up homeschooling and believe me, people have tried to prove it can't work but can't do it and just end up proving the opposite.  

  Two hundred years ago, people were ranting and raving about mandatory schooling and how terrible it was because it was not the norm!  Somehow centuries of homeschooled children turned into productive, social adults without institutional schooling. 

  You can't tell me that children homeschooled for years out of necessity who have lived  on isolated cattle ranches in the mountains, the wilderness of Alaska, or in other remote places grow up socially stunted and ignorant!  I believe Sandra Day O'Connor was one of these kids...

  Yes, I know, you will say you have met a 'weird' homeschooler or a kid who was below grade level..  Have you ever met any 'weird' public schoolers and are all public schooled kids breezing through school with top grades?  You get the point.  But while you were staring at the 'weird' homeschooler, five 'normal' ones could have walked right by but you didn't notice because you never had reason to ask how they were educated.---

27 Jun, 2021 02:57 PM

I started online schooling when I was in 7th grade. I started because my best friend died and I did not want any reminders. It was hard for me to even get up out of bed at first. Now that I am in the tenth grade, I am still on the online program. I love it! You can set your own hours, you can choose way more classes if you wanted to, and you have time to do more things. I AM antisocial but it is not because of homeschooling. It is because I always get dirty stares from people every time I go places. I do not want to be friends with people like that. My experience has been 100 percent positive. Once a year we take field trips, we have pizza parties for those who have a high GPA, we got to meet politicians this year and I am getting better grades than if I were in a public school. I have A's and B's and nothing lower. People that are so negative about homeschooling have not been home schooled themselves. I actually laugh when people say negative things about homeschooling. According to the curriculum for my cities schools, I am a half of a year ahead of everyone else. I have never had a better education!

27 Jun, 2021 02:57 PM

Actually, I think that homeschooled kids are better socialized, in that they learn to interact with many different people, of all ages and backgrounds, and are not limited to a jury of their peers. On the down side, in our hs program there is an issue around time management that seems to stem from not having enough pressure at home. Assignments do not always get done in a reasonable time frame. We are working on tightening up the schedule to improve this now.

27 Jun, 2021 02:58 PM

Because they are ignorant and don't seem to get how the parent-child-outside world relationship actually works. Someone mentioned that if racists homeschool their kids the kids will be racist too. What, people never come out of the public school system with racist views? Children always wind up being exactly like their parents? Hardly. Homeschooled kids never experience/learn how to handle negative social interactions? Again, hardly. The chance for conflict exists everywhere that humans interact. The homeschool group in my area turned out to be just as clique-oriented as the public and private schools in my area, and we all had to learn how to deal with that. 

Face it, homeschooling is an odd choice and the public school system has a vested interest in making sure society continues to see public school as the good, normal choice while homeschooling (or other alternatives that don't follow the same basic format of public schools) is seen as odd, abnormal, or even dangerous. Plus, people have a tendency to fear what they don't understand. I think it's pretty clear that most people simply accept the socially-constructed normality of public school, and people also give in to their fear of the unusual. There are probably even some people who see a family's decision to homeschool as a direct criticism of or attack on their own choice to send their kids to public school.