27 Jun, 2021 02:42 PM

is home shcool as good as a school?

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27 Jun, 2021 02:43 PM

It can be.   This depends greatly on the parent and the student. 

Some children complete their high school at a younger age, and gain early college admission.   I have met children as young as 16 that have earned their Masters Degree. 

There is so much that an individual can do in thier life.   An early start can make a huge difference.

27 Jun, 2021 02:43 PM

I have found that colleges are looking for home schooled students because they have found that these students are self motivated, which sadly in the school systems the students are many time spoon fed. 

When in the home each child is moving at his or own speed, whether that be at a more advanced pace or slower. Most home schooled students go on to colleges and to careers. But one has to take into consideration the school district and what it has to offer. In a day of violence and classes being disrupted by neg. behavior many times the safety and nonstresses of the home can also make way for a more beneficial learning environment.

As with every aspect of child rearing this is a decision that each parent must make.

27 Jun, 2021 02:44 PM

I was home-schooled through almost all of my academic years and from an Educational standpoint it is better (because I was in both at different times). However that being said leaving a child a home with his/her mother constantly isn`t the best thing for the child. (cause I saw some homeschooled kids who were pathetic and virtually unable to function without there mothers).

However as  the homeschooling parent you can control that take your kid out of the house check around there are homeschool groups in every city. Let them play sports and participate in other activities. And Don`t baby the kid to much it just isn`t healthy so if you can handle that and not let your kid become a momma boy/house rat go for it is better.

27 Jun, 2021 02:45 PM

I honestly think that "socialization" is just an excuse. It is what people say now that all of the other arguments have been proven wrong. Soon, the socialization issue will be put aside as well. 

     Public schools do not get you ready for the real world. Period. Where else in the real world do you sit in a room with twenty or thirty other people the same age as yourself. Where else in the world is the treatment and behavior that is allowed in schools acceptable? How many of us have gone on to work where people throw spitballs at you or knock things out of your hands as you walk by? School is not the real world by any means. 

     So how then do we really prepare our children for the real world? We involve them in the real world from the begining. When you homeschool, they are there with you, or should be, when you are doing the day to day things like dealing with telemarketers, paying bills, buying groceries. It is even better if you run a business out of your home. Kids can be involved with these things, the kinds of things that they really will be doing when they are adults. You can teach them about life as you are living it. Not just sitting in a room talking about it. 

     It has been my experience with homeschooled kids that they are much MORE able to handle social enviroments than their public schooled peers. They can carry on conversations with people of all ages. Public schooled kids tend to only be able to relate with others of thier own age. Homeschooled kids can and most do show respect for the adults and authority figures in their lives. Public schooled kids tend to get into a mind set where the only opinions that matter to them or they think are valid are the opinions of thier peers. 

     Kids need to be a part of society not sitting in a room all day. This does not make them a part or our society, it makes them a society of their own. 

      There was a study about homeschooled kids being involved in society and politics as adults. It was found that the adult homeschoolers were MORE likely to get involved than their public schooled peers.

     That being said, sure there are those who do not succeed at homeschooling. But how many more do not succeed at public schooling? I would venture a guess that there is a far higher percentage of kids who go through the public school system who do not "make it" in the world than those who were homeschooled.

27 Jun, 2021 02:45 PM

I think MikeB has the best answer so far.  As does David s, both for their own reasons.  The social development for kids is very important, but as public education continues to deteriorate for all the reasons it is well known to fail, home schooling gets better all the time.  It allows parents to keep Jesus Christ and the Bible in the child's education if they wish, and the parents are not required to teach such trash as homosexual lifestyles and the liberal political agenda.  For those reasons alone, a parent's lacking in specific knowledge in various subjects is extremely minor and can be easily overcome.  The absence of the teachings of the presence of Jesus our Christ, and the forced teachings of the liberal /democrat agenda are difficult to overcome since they are so interwoven in all aspects of our society, and are constantly pounded in our heads through the media and the supposedly educated people and institutions.  If I had it to do again, I would home school my kids and pursue their socialization within the homeschooling network.  In the long term, the homeschooling is a God-send, and I'd take that over institutional education in our society for my kids any day of the week.  But I had no choice in the matter for my kids, so . . ..  God Bless my kids, and God Bless you.