27 Jun, 2021 02:33 PM

who is excited that school is almost here?

i am i cant wait i have so much to look forward to but in a few months i will be so over it and be praying for summer lol i get to volunteer at the va hospital again and i don't have to do gym class lol and i am home schooled so i don't even have to wake up at like 5 am hahahaha i love school because i am my own boss well actually my mom is but you get the picture lol so are you excited or not tell me why Update: home schooling is not all its cracked up to be i had a lot of friends but then i moved and there isn't a home school program here so i have NO friends not even 1 well me mom but i don't think that counts lol but i am doing so much better in home schooling because i can take my time to actually learn in public school i was so behind but i am also home schooled because i have pilonidal disease so i have surgery a lot and cant walk of sit down while healing so i got so behind now i can just pick where i left off and not feel so overwhelmed but it is very lonely

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27 Jun, 2021 02:33 PM

im excited, yet scared. im starting 6th grade and this means middel school, so i am now little. again. in 5th we were the oldest and now... not so much. plus im afraid my big gruop of friends and i r ganna not b friends anymore cuz we arnt in the same lunch or something. and im scared that my 2 best friends arnt ganna b my friends cuz ill barley c them cuz they do so much dance. itsl ike their lives.  and plus ppl keep sayin that ill make all these new friends but i dont want to drift away from my old ones!!! so ya im scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 Jun, 2021 02:34 PM

I am happy that the neighbor's kids are going back to public school.  Seven hours of peace a day!  YEAH!!!

This is the first year in 20 years that I do not have a child within compulsory attendance age.  I didn't buy any new books this year, the youngest (17) is just using her older siblings texts from a couple years back. We are going to follow our interests this year, and mainly work on Advanced Math and Writing other than that. She is also working on homemaking and child care basics with her niece.

27 Jun, 2021 02:34 PM

My kids homeschool year round, and we take time off whenever we think it will benefit our family to do so. But I am looking forward to the annual "book change" that happens in September, when we switch from one grade level and move forward to the next.

This September we are also looking forward to a new co-op that has High School classes, my daughter is jumping up and down for joy!

27 Jun, 2021 02:34 PM

I'm very excited actually. It's because this is my first year going to an Online High School (k12)(10th grade). It's going to be somewhat interesting because I like to move at my own pace and I absolutely love being independent. Plus, I've got friends around the city and I'm not really that social. And my high school is definitely not for me. I mean, there's drugs, sex and wild parties for 15-year-olds!

27 Jun, 2021 02:35 PM

interested, im not really super excited, cause i don't really like school that much. but im interested to see what my classes are like. 

My school re did the scheduleing, instead of having a regular 6 class schedule, we now have 8 classes, 4 every other day.

and we have a bunch of new classes offered.


marketing research

history of rock and roll

forensic science

history of war

lifeguard training

and a bunch of others.

so im not excited to go back and have homework, and study, and worry about tests, or forgeting some homework, or doing projcts.

But i am excited to see what my new classes are like, and that basketball starts really soon, and i'll be in 11th grade.