26 Jun, 2021 12:03 PM

Pre-med and bachelor's?

Hi So i just graduated from high school a few months ago and now I'm applying for a community college as I'm still only 16(going 17) I really want to go to med school in the future so what do I do now and how do I start preparing? I research some online and I see that most people said to either get a bachelor's in biochemistry or get a pre med degree. But some also said to take pre med courses in university, they didnt mention it as a degree. I'm confused with that.. But even before that, what do I choose for the major I want to study in community college if I want to get into med school? general sciences? biology? I'm applying to santa monica college and planning to transfer to either UCLA or UC Berkley for a bachelor's/pre-med (still confused with that) So.... can somebody please kindly help me and guide me thru this? what I should choose for a major first at community college? It'd be really really nice :) oh and I'm from burma!

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26 Jun, 2021 12:03 PM

Pre med is not a major, nor is it a degree. It is a group of classes required to take as an undergrad student to apply to medical schools. 

Medical schools do not accept any pre med class taken at a CC. 

You do not major at a CC. You want to take a general education Associate degree for transfer. You should ONLY take general education classes at the CC. 

As long as you take all pre med classes, you can major in anything you want to. Many math, physics, and engineering majors go on to med school. I know a Spanish major who went to medical school. 

You really should go to UCLA and UC Berkley and talk to admissions about transferring BEFORE you go to a CC.

26 Jun, 2021 12:03 PM

Did you talk to anyone about this ahead of time?  Starting at a community college hurts your chances of acceptance to med school; it's a bad idea.  Most med schools won't accept premed classes taken there (or at least look down on them) but you can't take them all after transferring and still graduate in 4 years.  

Premed is a series of introductory math, science, English, and social science classes you take along with any major.  It's not a major or a program itself at most schools.