26 Jun, 2021 11:57 AM

Schools are unable to reprimand you once you graduate correct?

Once you graduate from high school, they can no longer do anything to you right? I remember in high school this security guard and these two other student discipline officials were always harassing me. They saw a pair of nail clippers in my bag and had me suspended from school for bringing a weapon to school. It almost hurt my ability to get into college. That wasn't the only thing either, They would stop me in the middle of the hall ways just to ask where I was going in life. I was always the oddball of my high school. I wasn't necessarily bullied out right, but kids thought I was weird and whatnot. So as a result, even the teachers bought into this. I was the butt of half of my teacher's jokes. Heck some of these teachers even bought into the gossip about me. I only had a few respectable teachers. The security guard and the two student discipline officials I hated the most. They had the authority to look at my grades. They once saw that I failed a test and then passed the next one in flying colors then accused me of cheating. I graduated with honors and went to a school 9 hours away. It is summer break. I was at the mall and I saw the security guard and those two student discipline teachers I mentioned earlier; the three of them are like best friends. They asked how I was doing and I got angry on the inside. I told them to commit suicide and eat a d_ck. I told them that I hope the next kid who they treat as bad as I did turns around and punches them in the face. They were in shock then I walked away. They can't do anything to me correct? I admit that I regret this and that it was immature but it felt so goof.

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26 Jun, 2021 11:58 AM

No worries, if they took your advice they are either dead or at risk for dying from AIDS.