26 Jun, 2021 11:49 AM

My parents are forcing me to stay in the city for college, how do I get what I want?

My parents just told me they're forcing me to stay in the New York City for college. They told me I have to commute from home to school, no residential life at all. They're too stubborn to listen to me and disregard everything I say. I can't deal with their crap anymore, not for the next four years. I worked extremely hard all throughout high school so I can study neuroscience at a prestigious institution out of the city, mainly because I need to get away from them. They make my life a living hell. I'm gonna turn 18 next year on July 25th. I told my brother about this (who is 22) and he simply agreed with them. He said I need my dad's signature when I make my final decision for college and I'll be 17 then, so I'll still be considered a minor and he doubts my dad will provide the signature. Affording college is a different story, but I'm pretty confident that I'll get sufficient financial aid and merit scholarships to support my college tuition. I know that I need my parents tax forms every year in college to get financial aid and I don't think they are willing to supply me the information if I go out of city for college. I heard that it's their legal duty to provide me with the information until I'm 21. Can someone confirm that for me if it's true or not? And since I'm planning on doing work study, is it possible to use my own tax forms to receive financial aid? I'm really pissed off at their decision. I'm extremely helpless, there's no one in my family willing to fight for me.I'm in this all alone so all the information I can get or anyone that I can contact that can help me is greatly appreciated. My top choices are Lehigh University, University of Richmond, and Trinity College. How do I get out of the city for college? Is there any legal issues that can help me or hurt me in this situation? Can they actually prevent me from going to a college of my choice simply because they refuse to give a signature? Please give me as much information as you can! Thank you so much! Update: *** They are paying for the college tuition. HOWEVER, they are NOT willing to pay for college due to low income. So basically, if it came down to who is paying for the tuition, technically it'd be my parents but they aren't exactly willing to give the money, so it'd be me paying for my own tuition. ***

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26 Jun, 2021 11:49 AM

Alright so start to apply to your top schools in September. Next call the financial aid office and ask about merit/ academic scholarships. Your parents do not find out about these since they don't relate to financial need but your academic performance. See if you get accepted to any of these schools by the time FAFSA comes out (January 1st). Maybe your parents will reconsider if you are accepted and offered scholarship. Explain to them that you need their info to fill out your FAFSA and all the schools you've applied to receive it. This may sound sneaky but you can also ask them just to fill the FAFSA out for financial aid at the city school and later you can go back into the account and add schools you secretly applied to. Another option if s*it hits the fan is that you fill out the FAFSA yourself and check your an Independent instead of a dependent since your parents will not be helping you out in any way. 

Another thing you can do is go to the city school for a semester and then transfer to another institution after you hit 18. You can then file as an independent on your FAFSA since your parents aren't contributing. 

Hope this helps!

26 Jun, 2021 11:49 AM

The colleges you picked are nice btw!

Anyways, it's YOUR life. They can't decide which college you go to. It's like the saying "you take the horse to a river, but you can't make it drink", yeah. Most colleges offer good college financial aids. It's pretty much illegal to tell your child which college they'll go to. Again, it's YOUR life. Your career, your education. My mom didn't really like me picking International Affairs, but she backed me up and supported my choice. Just wait until you're 18 if your parents are that stubborn. When you're 18, you can do whatever you want

26 Jun, 2021 11:50 AM

Who is paying? If you pay, you can go anywhere you like.

If they pay, listen to them.

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