26 Jun, 2021 11:42 AM

Chances for getting into Rutgers?

I live in New Jersey. Courses: All Academic except for one general Algebra || class I took my junior year. Grades are mostly A's and B's with a few C's. GPA: Around a 3.50 maybe a little higher. SAT: I am taking it again in the fall and planning on doing a lot better. But my current score is a 1500. I am also planning to take the ACT but I haven't yet. Extracurricular: I am VERY involved in dance.(Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, and Competition Company) I am also a part of a history and photography club in school. Outside of school I am a part of a community service club. Took two years of a language. French (I didn't do so well.) Mostly got C's Accomplishments: First Place at Co. Dance Competition. Captain of my dance team. Other: I am involved in my church (Christian - Methodist) I have helped out there numerous times. I was in altar service for many years, I have also went to food banks with them, helped out in a summer program, etc. I am also Caucasian. (Italian and Irish)

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26 Jun, 2021 11:43 AM

Get a tutor for the SAT. If you can increase it to at least 1800, then that should be enough. Good luck.