26 Jun, 2021 11:41 AM

How do I become a medical doctor (general practitioner/surgeon)?

I just graduated high school. What courses do I need in college/university? What should I major in? How much will it cost?

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26 Jun, 2021 11:42 AM

Most people chose a science major like biology, human biology, biochemistry, etc... Get the best grade possible and good recommendation to increase your chance of admission to medical school. You don't have to major in science to apply to medical school though. My doctor said her colleague was a sociology major. I have a friend who majored in finance then later decide to apply to medical school. I believe as long as you have the required science courses and do well on the MCAT you're good. How much it costs depends on where you go to school. You will be in school for a long time so it will cost a lot of money. If you're smart and poor you will get financial aid and scholarship so your net cost will be low. If you want to keep the cost low apply to school in the states where cows outnumber people:)