19 Jun, 2021 12:56 PM

Independent student for FAFSA bur living with parent?

Hello everyone, Since I'm 24 I decided to file FAFSA as a independent student (because under their rules I qualify as it). I still though live with my mother (parents are divorced) but I'm solely responsible for my tuition and also work (part time). I recently received a letter asking about my monthly expenses of 2012, but since I don't pay rent not sure how I should fill it out. I do have other expenses such as school, phone, groceries, transportation etc. Anyone in a similar situation? will they change my status to dependent because I don't pay rent?

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19 Jun, 2021 12:57 PM

Your status as independent cannot change. Just sent them a list of the expenses that you do have. It's ok if you don't pay rent.