24 Jun, 2021 01:16 PM

When a college essay asks to write APPROXIMATELY 250 WORDS , how much should you write ?

Less than 250 or just greater than 250 ? My essay currently is like 320. I can't cut it down anymore, if i do i think the essay would sound very appealing. Should i leave it like that, or cut it down any further even if it isn't gonna sound super appealing ?

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24 Jun, 2021 01:16 PM

Our university has a policy of 10% leeway.  So if we were asked to write 250 words, we can write between 225 and 275 without being penalised.

I had an assignment of 250 words, too, last semester.  It is easier to write 1000 words than 250!  Best wishes with your essay.

EDIT:  If the essay is asking for 250 words, then usually what the lecturers are wanting is something very concise.  They don't really want a beautifully eloquent piece... its an exercise is conciseness.  It's usually not true that they will give you more marks for more words.

24 Jun, 2021 01:17 PM

Usually 225 to 275 should be fine. 280 might be ok, but more than 300 is pushing it.

Cut it down to atleast 300 I say. Just put the not so important sentences in a more compact form. That shouldn't hurt the essay much.

By the way, a 250 word 'essay'? That's more like paragraph (and not the long German ones!), my first college essay asked for 1000 words and then another for 2000!

24 Jun, 2021 01:17 PM

Following directions is a big part of college. When it says 250 words, that's what it means. No more and certainly no less. Your task is to find a way to make it super appealing within the parameters you have been given.

I am a writing professor and believe me when I say 250 words, that's exactly what I mean. And while I'm on the stricter end of things, I do grade down for people who do not follow my specific directions.

There is a reason they provided an upper limit and trust me, not following it is a great way to disqualify yourself. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY. Polish your essay.. Have others read it and edit ruthlessly.

Source(s): I'm a professor!

24 Jun, 2021 01:17 PM

when it says approximately that means that they want you to be around that area with the amount of words you used to answer the question. Remember that the reason they do this is because they have a lot of applications to go through and if they don't have the time to read essays that are pages. Plus sometimes the simplier the essay the easier it is to get your point across. The amount of words you have is completely fine as long as you answered the question in the simplest and smallest amount of words to get your point across. Good Luck

24 Jun, 2021 01:17 PM

Now, that seems to be depending on what the class is about. If this is general essay on certain topic, I imagine words-count can be more generous. If this is more specific, like, a synopsis for a short novel, you want to pay attention to the word counts.What is important, contents or the format? You may know the details of the assignment and the professor's style.