24 Jun, 2021 01:07 PM

I have a serious situation here so please help me?

Okay so I am a full time university student in Canada. I am taking five courses.. oh its horrible :( I am barely passing in some of the courses and the prob is that we are suppose to obtain certain amount of grades in order to maintain the GPA of 2.0 for my program. I just don't think I will be able to make that because there is very little left to do in most of the courses ..I am doing fine in some. My Admin guy told me that if I do bad in one or 2 courses and do wel on others then i will fine. he also suggested to drop a course or two, but I wont get any kinda refund and I have taken LOAN. I am just finding it very hard to deal with it. I am not a C student, I had all As and Bs in high school, its just the university expectations are so high. :( What should I do?? Update: Its my FIRST year and 1st smester only :(

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24 Jun, 2021 01:07 PM

Hi Jannat..

First of all, the first year is very hard.. for everyone.. don't feel bad about this. It's a huge difference, high school and uni.. I have 5 courses as well at the moment.. and it's getting pretty harsh..

If you know you are struggling, you should drop a course.. I know it's bad.. especially because of the loan, but think about this: what's worse, drop a subject and pass. Or having 5 and having to study a year extra? You have to see what you can do.. just try to have time for everything, you need to relax as well, otherwise you won't be able to give a 100%.. 

Do as much as you can during the weeks, and if you must.. study on the week-end as well.. but be smart, and make the most of each day. When do you study best? When do you lack concentration? I usually do something fun, like having some drinks in the evening (around 9pm) then, when I arrive back to my home, I have energy to keep going again.. it's good to take small breaks.. to have some fresh air..

Whatever you do, don't feel bad.. it's normal.. just try to make the most out of this.. talk to someone older than you, a consultant.. talk about your options.. be informed about your possibilities.. and then, just try to make the best decision in your situation.. don't overwhelm yourself.. but don't underestimate yourself either..

good luck

24 Jun, 2021 01:07 PM

Don't think much unnecessarily especiall other matters than that of study. You have taken 5 courses. I Know you can do well with your courses. Take help of professors where necessary. Forget everything (loan etc), except study. study with concentration. I Must tell you that High school study is tough but in university you won't have that much problem. Simply you have to write too much and to the point. Keep you your mind cool always and when you take the examination read the questiuon paper once only with sincerity. Don't read time and again as it waste time. First attemt the easy question which you know well and then tough one where you can use guess even if negative marking is not there. If the question paper are discripted type go on writing by devidinbg the time permissible for each question and you may guess also. If question papers are objective type then don't guess the answers. Don't think bad, you can do it  and you will sure do well. 5 courses are not so difficult for you. You are stalwart I know it and I have true belief that you will get success. May God bless you. Thanks

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24 Jun, 2021 01:07 PM

I haveta agree with the user Pam above when she say that you probably overwhelmed yourself a little with taking 5 courses - especially as a first year uni student. Not sure how many credits are required to be a full-time student versus a part-time student, but in any matter...you really should have not taken that many classes to begin with. Did you throw in some fairly easy courses to balance out the ones that are hard, or are they all hard classes? Credits given are usually given by how hard the courses are, not how many days or how often you go to that classes. Just sayin'...

But as it is too late now and the facts are already in place, I'd just try my best and study up a bit more than usual. Believe me, studying and putting forth a lot of hours do really pay off no matter if it's a project, essay/thesis or exam, etc.

And your admin is correct, if you pass, let's say, two courses with A's and got lower grades for two other ones with D's, then your average would fall somewhere either with a B- or C+, which would probably bring your gpa to about a 2.0. Any lower than that and you can anticipate some form of a suspension aka academic probation. 

But you'll do just fine, I hope. Gotta believe in yourself first and foremost. Expect more from yourself and set your educational standards a little higher than usual. School sucks and can be very boring, but it pays off in the long run....always!  :D

For next semester, try to take it a little eaiser until you get into the flow of things. Introduce yourself into the new atmosphere slowly, not at the snap of a finger. Big mistake if you do that. 

Good luck!

24 Jun, 2021 01:08 PM

Bring it up with your doctor maybe.... I would say it is not normal at least not in some situations like for example I can't keep a straight face when a teacher is yelling because I really do not respect those kinds of teachers, but if it is a very serious moment then I would say it isn't normal. Cannot rightfully say whether or not there is anything that can be done for that.