24 Jun, 2021 12:51 PM

Any real Effective techniques for staying late at night just to study?

Okay folks, last help and then I will be out of here.. ;) This full week starting from monday, I hav/had one papers due everyday so I am only getting like 1 or 2 hours nap and even in those naps I have nightmares abt university and stuff :s I know it sounds ridiculous, but I knw m not passing so I better work it out and make my way to the nexy smester. Please suggest me some effective techniques for staying up ALL NIGHT, i sometimes just pass out and when I wake up in the morning I would b freaking out, damn I hate my deadly, coma sleep, I could have finished the paper etc, so i just hate that part .. I do drink coffee a lot.. trying to eat properly .. dont eat much, prolliee once a day :| ANYTHING workable, put it down... do NOT try to put anything irrelevent to the Qs plzzz and Thank you :) Update: oh gosh my typo errors .. uughhh .. its STAYING UP*

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24 Jun, 2021 12:52 PM

Need an honest and scientific answer!

There is no substitute for sleep.  One must sleep soundly to give the mind, body and brain proper rest.  Lack of sleep makes the body, brain and mind irritable.  the grasping, retentive, memory, recall and all somato-neuro functions are adversely effected.  One self and ones mind and brain become no less than a space cadet on self inflicted foolish hyperdrives. 

In certain neurological tests the patient is subjected to lack of sleep i.e., forced insomnia or sleepiness so that any subliminal neuroepileptogenic activity can be detected by electroencephalography (EEG).  Caffiene, tobacco and nervous system stimulating medications make the matters worse for the jitteriness of the brain. 

It is better to sort out the priorities of study and pay attention to them and postpone all non emergent matters for the time being.  Have a nice schedule so the body rhythms are not disturbed. Post pone all the infatuations for a future date.

Eat properly, do mild exercise (exercise helps release of endorphins and relaxis the body, brain and mind) may be a little Yoga, sleep well, have a refreshing shower and pay the fullest attention to the studies.  The mind should be foccused on the task at hand and should not leave the body and brain and dart out on a wild goose chase, here, there and every where. Absolutely no day dreaming. Take short breaks in between the studies for a walk, soft drinks and a light snack and a little nap or just lie down with eyes closed and do deep  breathing to relax. 

"As you know know; garbage in, is garbage out. Always be kind to your self. It is never nice to be ones own enemy. Be kind, honest, helpful and forgiving.  The greatest friend and the worst foe is no one else except one self!" a quotation of Dr. Singh

Do not torment your brain with your; infatuations, anger, ego, brewing and stewing on foolish remarks made by any one etc., etc. No mind blowing ding dong music, songs, movies, thoughts etc., etc. Sound, flickering and or very bright light, tamsik, intoxicating food, drinks, drugs, smoke etc', has a bad effect on the brain 

Very honestly one must self analyse and assess one self every day before going to bed, where can one improve to be more effective in finishing the task at hand and then do it. 

Hope that helps. Lots of good luck in the studies and exams.

24 Jun, 2021 12:52 PM

There is no effective cure for staying up late. The fact that you are sleepy means your body needs rest. Staying up can lead to some deadly diseases due to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, if it is just for a few days or so to do some work, then I don't recommend you drinking caffeine or anything of that sort. Those can also harm your health if consumed excessively. I have some techniques I use to stay up late to study or do work and such. First, be motivated. Every time you feel yourself drifting off, think of the consequences. If you miss work, you're going to get a 0. If you get 0's, you're going to be kicked out. If you're kicked out, well, you're f*cked. Another technique I use is to let my body forget that I am sleepy. Have you ever felt sleepy, but then your mom calls you to help her with something, and then you just stop being sleepy? Well, I recommend doing some exercises, and if that doesn't work, try giving yourself a reward that will keep you awake. Go on sites that makes you laugh a lot, just so it can stir you awake. After a few minutes, go back to working. Also, make your environment as unappealing as possible. Turn on the lights. ALL the lights. Make it so it's uncomfortable (especially useful if you're used to sleeping in the dark) sit in a hard chair. Sit in a weird position. Or if none of these works, then... the worst but most effective way to stay awake is... to scare yourself. That's right. Making your body tense and alert will keep you awake for a good few hours. Watch a scary movie. Read a scary book. Start feeling paranoid. This might distract you from doing your work, especially if you're the scared-type, but at least you're awake. 

Hope this helps :)

24 Jun, 2021 12:52 PM

You need to give some time for sleep in the morning or evening period if you want to stay up all night to study.Normally the first couple of hours after you wake up is the best time to study because that's when your mind is lot more fresh.Try to take some breaks in between or little nap and do not think about studies during that time.Make it a habit to keep alarm timing.

Your not waking up early and sleeping long probably because you are not having proper sleep or rest in the first place,body and eyes also needs rest.

24 Jun, 2021 12:53 PM

The whole night reading is harmful both for health and study point of view. At six  "O" clock take light dinner. Rest upto 7.00 PM. Start reading. and  after every 2 hours take little coffee. Better to study upto 2 am or maximum 2.30 am there after get sleep till 7 or 7.30 am. before taking the exam try to revise for admissible tme but 1 hour  before exame starts No study. Mind need rest. During study take care that it should not be contineously more than two hours. In between give minimum half an hour rest to mind and get refresh, watch TV or talk to some friend on phone. Thanks.

24 Jun, 2021 12:53 PM

This is what works for me....

mix 2 tsp of coffee(instant), 4 large tsp of unsweeten cocoa, and 2 tsp of sugar in a pint mug, add milk and microwave.- it make you hyper so i.e makes you normal at night- keeps me awake!

try to listen either to some classical music that has a fast tempo or songs that you love and are FAST- keeps your mind ticking(lol i listen to like on song over and over again until it is just the background noise I hear but i can still feel the rhythm...)lol I listened to a song contiously for a week to the extend that my foot and finger where constantly tapping the rhythm , my friends thought I was going mad

when you want to be awake have a shower and use cold water at the end just before you get out( this is also very good for your hair as it closes cuticles so stopping split ends!)

have a bath using escentual oils and soaps that help you sleep more peacefully.(when you want to sleep)

multi task- i have given up tv and going out and basically having a social life (i want to get into cambridge) as my subjects are predominately artist( I want to study architecture) I watch something like a comedian stand up ... whilst I am drawing /painting etc.

try to have some leisure time but make it efficient e.g. playing piano for 1/2 hr every day or reading books in the bath 


talk to your professors they were once in that position and they would have seen hundreds of students in your situation, also consult your friends they are the best thing to put a smile on your face that can keep you motivated! 

keep an alarm clock next to your desk so that if you do fall asleep you can wake up again

gosh i need to get back to my work lol

hoped this helped!

Just don't get stressed out millions of people have been in worse situations...

P.s sorry for the grammatically errors

Source(s): Another Student who is half dead...partically a vampire