24 Jun, 2021 12:12 PM

How is Neumont University?

Hello, I'm a senior in High and been looking at Neumont for quite some time. I'd like anything form STUDENTS about their experiences there. Classes, (I'm planning into going to the Gaming Program there) how does the "after school with a career" thing work, and just anything else positive. I'm seriously considering this school, and I want to hear it from "the mouth of the beast" My main reason is I found this site with horrible reviews on Nuemont and liked to know if their true or not, I don't believe them to be true, so I'd like to know from the actual source.

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24 Jun, 2021 12:12 PM

Neumont "University" is a typical near-worthless for-profit college, handing out pretend 2.5yr degrees to naive students who don't know better.

Neumont lacks even basic regional accreditation, and its Technology/Computing degrees lack ABET accreditation. The Technology Management degree lacks ATMAE accreditation. Many employers simply trash all job applications listing "technical" degrees from schools like Neumont which lack regional and ABET/ATMAE accreditation.

The school prides itself on being "practical" and "avoiding theory."  This attitude is more like a community college than a university. In effect, everything Neumont student learn is superficial and ephemeral, and graduates lack the theoretical base to understand and assess new developments. They are technicians, not scientists/engineers.

Students who graduate from this sub-standard college will have a humiliating black mark on their resume for their entire careers. 

Don't get involved with "gaming" degrees. They get no respect.


Like many bogus schools, any internet criticism of Neumont gets flooded with pathetically enthusiastic "spontaneous responses" (eight so far in twenty minutes!). Perhaps they get extra credit for talking up the school...

Here's a real view from a former student:

"So I went to this hell hole of a school. They say they are accredited but they really aren’t. I was planning on going for my master’s in another field and half way through the program I found out that 80% of other schools in the US won’t take their degree. The people there are all misfits that have no lives...The staff is mostly Mormon and if your not a Mormon you get judged and look down upon. And it is true about the teacher laughing about the students they fail. The administration don’t give a sh*t about any of the student they just want the most money they can get."

As for employers' views of Neumont, here's one:

"I work with a person who has his “CS degree” from this “University”, his resume even says he graduated *** Laude. Here are my observations: After working for 2.5 solid days he was unable to install a copy of XP, he downloaded 39 drivers and still couldn’t get it up and running (coincidentally – or not – none of the drivers were proprietary, he downloaded all third party drivers). He doesn’t know basic language syntax or structure, he was BAFFLED by VMWare, didn’t understand the difference between source control and eclipse, and has demonstrated time and time again that he cannot grasp basic concepts such as Client/Server applications (the list goes on, but it just makes me angry). Put simply, if another NU “graduate” applied here, I would STRONGLY recommend they not even be interviewed."

24 Jun, 2021 12:12 PM

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I feel that Neumont University is truly worth it if you just want to learn your stuff and get your degree. You probably already know that its accelerated program so, its different from most other college experiences. If you work hard the entire time you're enrolled then, yes it is very worth it. Honestly, there are not many girls on campus but still are some nonetheless. As for racism, there is none. Personally, I'm am an African American male and the only kind of racism I get is when I joke about it with other students. Hope this answer's your questions. 8)

24 Jun, 2021 12:13 PM

I was looking at Nuemount web site with my friend, and went to see what students feel.    The statement  "They say they are accredited but they really aren't." is not true.  If a school is not accredited then you can not get federal financial aide, so that statement is false.  To slam this school is doing everyone a disservice. If they have been around for 20 years it is for a good reason, students go there.

How can you say "Students who graduate from this sub-standard college will have a humiliating black mark on their resume for their entire careers."  Says who?  

After reviewing there site and reviews, it is safe to say that it is not MIT, nor are you getting an engineering degree.  This is not an ivy league school, and obviously does have the respect of a prestigious school, which been around for 100 years.  If you want a lower cost option then probably a State Community College or 4 year State School is your best bet.  

Nuemount is a for profit school, so they make sure that every student is treated with kid gloves, as every student means money.  They also have the flexibility to hire and fire staff at will, without the red tape, which hurts the student. They also make sure that what they teach is up-to-date and relevant to the work force.  Again, they are for profit, so it is in there best interest.


It is expensive, as with all private schools, so proceed with caution.  Make sure you want the career, as a lot of time and money are involved. 

Bottom line - One size does not fit all.  They have there place in education, you need to ask yourself is this place the best place for me.

24 Jun, 2021 12:15 PM

I graduated from NU September 2010. I landed a job a full quarter before that, thanks to the HELP I received from Career Services. I stressed "help", because YOU must do all the necessary work to actually get hired. They will assist you in preparing for interviews and even help get your name out to employers, but the rest of it is up to you.

Your educational experience and what you take away from it is directly dependent on your commitment to the program and your success. If you don't have the stomach for VERY challenging and difficult situations, this isn't the school for you. However, if you're willing to make real sacrifices of time, energy, sleep, social interactions, and hobbies, you stand to do very well at NU.

I went into the school with nearly ZERO programming experience. I graduated with an excellent, stable job lined up and the confidence that I could meet or exceed all of my new employer's expectations. I also know that I learned topics that were far more relevant in today's market than other schools were offering to teach.

TLDR: I HIGHLY recommend this university IF AND ONLY IF you are committed to succeeding there, regardless of how much you may need to sacrifice.