24 Jun, 2021 12:10 PM

Not happy with the head master at my kids school?

Not sure how to go about this.. my children both go to the same school. My son is happy with the school, teachers and friends. He is doing really well and no issues there. I have few issues with the way things are going for my daughter (8). Both kids moved to the school recently (about 6 months ago). My child started struggling with maths and I already had few conversations with the teacher. No homework ever was assigned and everytime I asked her about it - she says that she has no homework.Head Master told me that their homework is times table (that has been going on now for about 4 months) Her teacher went on sick for about 6 weeks - few different teachers are teaching her class during the week and my child feels confused. She says that every teacher has different expectations. recently we received a letter inviting us to attend an assembly where my child was supposed to receive some award for collecting points (for doing different things and behaviour) - and at the assembly - they forgot to give her the award - even though other children got it. My child was in tears. When I spoke to head master afterwards - his only responce was - we will sort it out. I have to mentioned that prior to that I have received few phone calls promising me that extra support is going to be given to my child - nothing happend. I have asked for some type of review on the progress that my daughter made - nothing. I have been promised that teachers will contact me to explain their homework method - nothing. My child feels let down - and I feel let down. As of yet - no phone calls about not awarded certificate... I just received a letter stating that the teacher that was off (for unknown reasons) is going to be back but is going to be slowly getting back into it... few days a week - how about the children - am I the only one that is not getting it?

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24 Jun, 2021 12:11 PM

It seems like the school doesn't have a very good system going on- homework, especially for maths, is vital. I suggest finding a better school and sending her there. You don't have to send your son if he is excelling (but is he doing well on national standards or the school standards?)

I'm 16 now and when I was 12-13, I went to this school with an awful system too. Hardly any of my teachers (especially maths) taught properly, they were very lax with issuing and checking homework, and they also forgot to give me my award at assembly (which really pissed me off because I was supposed to be the first one in my grade to get that award but nope they lost it).

My parents found a better school for me and I improved a lot. It was hard at first because suddenly I had to do more work and currently, I am still catching up on maths. But the system is great, the teachers teach better, they are very organised and I am learning a lot. My parents and I are extremely happy with the decision to move schools.

I think you should do what is best for your child. I really recommend to find a better school though, because you don't want your children to struggle in university or something because their current education is not very nurturing.

24 Jun, 2021 12:11 PM

I think you should go above the head master and talk to him/her about these things.