23 Jun, 2021 02:46 PM

Which of these unis is better?

Not necessarily academically because I'm applying for Drama and league tables aren't exactly the most representative. I've applied to Aberystwyth, UWIC, Leeds, Sheffield and Brighton. I was also wondering which had ike, the best atmosphere and generally have the happier students. I think Aberystwyth is my favourite at the moment but I was thinking, what are the drawbacks of being so far from a major city? I've grown up in Manchester so I'm quite used to living in a major city. Thanks x

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23 Jun, 2021 02:47 PM


As you’ve already narrowed down possible options, try http://www.unistats.com/  to compare the universities and courses.  It will take a little time, as you need to register and then compile the list of universities for comparison, but it should prove to be a useful exercise.  

You can also check the university websites for more information, including dates for open days.  If possible, it’s well worth visiting for the opportunity to meet staff and students and check out the facilities at each one.  If this isn’t possible, try contacting individual departments such as the faculty for detailed information on course content, the careers service for information on graduate employment or Students Union for information on facilities and student life in general.  Some current or previous students may also provide you with feedback.

Other comparative sites, such as those of the major broadsheet newspapers, may be useful – these include The Independent (see http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/higher... ), The Sunday Times Good University Guide (see http://extras.timesonline.co.uk/gug/gooduniversity... or The Guardian University Guide (see http://education.guardian.co.uk/universityguide200...  

I do hope this helps answer your question and I wish you well with your course choice and future study.

23 Jun, 2021 02:47 PM

as long as you get those A stages then confident you could. you ought to additionally take greater curricular events, which includes activity, something in song/paintings, and volunteer for a charity or something and take part in senior roles in school. you would be able to desire to instruct which you're a exceedingly intelligent all rounder who's keen to objective and prevail at incredibly much each and everything. Get as a lot artwork adventure as you could. ensure your on good words with instructor who will ideal your letter of advice to your UCAS utility this would particularly help, and confirm you ideal an rather good utility your self. Being at a failing college could probably assist you to get into to college as they have a legal accountability to get pupils from all varieties of backgrounds to look honest and equivalent.

23 Jun, 2021 02:47 PM

I think you should just go to Brighton, i've heard its good and a lot of fun. My friend is currently at Leeds met and he hates it, he said their all stuck up and stuff. God help me when i go.