23 Jun, 2021 02:44 PM

How do I ask for a Letter of References from my High School Teachers for Prospective Universities?

Oh also if you happen to know, how do I go about sending transcripts? Like I said new school, as well new province, so my transcripts here will not be established (so I?ve been told) until I take at least one of my grade 12 provincial exams [In British Columbia]. One of the places I am applying to requires that you keep them updated on your transcripts. How can I provide non existent transcripts? Do I go to the office and just ask them to send my grades to the admissions office with my student (admissions) ID #? Is that how it works? Most of my grades are still under my Alberta Education Student Number so they have access to that already, but they want me to keep them updated with my BC grades? Summarization of that lengthily ?blah blah? paragraph above: Can you ask your school?s office to fax off recent interims and report cards to the Post Secondary School of interest? Will they do that for you if you ask?

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23 Jun, 2021 02:44 PM

I used to be so incredibly shy that I'm feeling empathy pains for you!!!

Have you met with one of your counselors?  They could pave the way for you on this.

More importantly, as a basically shy person even today who teaches at a community college and whose whole family are teachers, I can tell you that the worst the teachers will do is say that they can't because they don't know you well enough yet.  

I suggest you give yourself a script to memorize, perhaps something like:

Hello, Mr/Ms ___.  I'm applying to ______ University/College.  They require letters of recommendation from my teachers.  Could you write one for me?

The teachers will want to know when you need the letter and whether they should give it to you or send it directly to the school.  You might bring the college application/admissions information with you.  Remember, the teachers have definitely been through this before.

Generally, it's best if you have a letter addressed to the specific school rather than one "to whom it may concern."  However, the teachers probably wouldn't have to write more than one letter; they'd just need to print it with two different recipient addresses.

I hope this helps.  I know how painful it is to be so shy!  Hey, one other thought would be to ask by e-mail, but some people would consider that too impersonal.

Rehearse what you want to say ahead of time, a lot.  It's always helped me with my phone calls, which are sometimes the worst for me...  even today...

I just saw your add on:  I don't know about transcripts or grading in Canada.  However, I'm assuming you have guidance counselors in your school.  Use them.  They know how the process works.  You're going to need to get your hands on transcripts from previous schools as well as your current one, and they'll know how to do this.

BTW, I now teach at a community college, so shyness doesn't have to keep you from a career with people.  It gets better.  I promise.

23 Jun, 2021 02:45 PM

Yep you can use the same letter more then once. You will need to make sure to keep a copy for yourself just in case. You will need to make copies of the letter but that will be easy.  To get the letters find the teachers you are doing the best in their classes.  They can write about how well you are doing in their classes, etc.  To ask for the letters just have a little note card or something that has your name, and what college you are applying for on it.  Ask the teacher after class or before school starts.  Just explain you need a reference letter for the collge app and if they say yes you can hand them the note card.  They would have the info with them.  Usually its the applicants responiblity to send the reference letter out.  

Good luck!!

23 Jun, 2021 02:45 PM

If they require 2 letters of reference, then that's two different people who write them.  But you can certainly use the same letter for two different schools.  Check out the school's website before you go to the teacher - some of them will require the teachers to fill out a form; others just ask for a letter.  Make sure you know when it is due and where they need to send it.  If they are mailing it in themselves, providing them with an addressed, stamped envelope is a nice courtesy.  All the requirements are on the university websites.

23 Jun, 2021 02:45 PM

The reference would be in regards to your grades, not your personality. Just tell the teachers you need references, and most are more than happy to oblige.