23 Jun, 2021 12:41 PM

Is it better to live alone or with room mates during college?

And in a dorm or in an appartment near by?

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23 Jun, 2021 12:41 PM

Well, if you live alone, you can have a lot more privacy, have more time to yourself, and not have to worry about others living with you in terms of things like friends, food, cost, etc.
However, living with a roommate can open new doors, you could meet new people, and possibly even have the friendship of a lifetime. You'll always have someone by your side going through the same things you are, and etc. So, that just depends on your personality and which situation you would feel more comfortable in.
The living accommodation is kind of 50/50 as well.
If you live in a doom, you will be surrounded by college kids, and again, have people around you who are going through the same things, and you will get to meet more people who go to the same school as you. If you live in an apartment nearby, though, you can experience "off campus" things, especially if you are in a big city. You can go out to tons of places, cafes to study, stores to shop, and still be within your "limits" or whatever. That just depends on what setting you would be more comfortable with.
I believe though, that if you chose to live with a roommate and then do not like it, you can switch out - however, I'm not sure how that works. You can also move, but I think that's at the end of the year.
Best of luck! I hope this helped, somewhat :)

23 Jun, 2021 12:42 PM

start out in the dorm just to meet some people. then to save money with roommates is great but try to get your own room so you still have some privacy.

23 Jun, 2021 12:42 PM

Depends on how you are, its nice to share the cost of bills, but if you are a studier and your roommate's are partiers, well that's a bad mix, so if you go for roommates, choose wisely. if you can afford an apartment, go that rout, cause by sophomore yr. you will want one anyway. Dorms are small and loud.

23 Jun, 2021 12:43 PM

At my university, freshman have to live in randomly assigned dorms with randomly assigned roommates and I personally liked how it turned out.

Living with roommates is quite an experience especially if you've never had to share rooms with anybody. They can turn out to be your best friend or the person you never want to see again. You won't get 100% privacy but it's nice having company in the room.

I'd suggest a dorm because you'll be surrounded with other students. It'll be easier to make friends this way.

Take caution if you decide to room with your best friend because you never really know a person until you've lived with them. It may end up hurting your friendship.

23 Jun, 2021 12:43 PM

I personally would prefer to live alone during college. It is a lot easier to study. Plus, noise really bothers me. I went to The University of Texas at Austin for my undergraduate degree. I lived in a dorm there and it truly sucked. Constant door slamming, loud giggling, and immaturity galore. The one huge plus was being able to wake up and walk across the street for class. Commuters had to drive in the sometimes awful Austin traffic and park across the highway and bus over. So, it might depend on what school you are going to. I think, ideally, an apartment near-by and alone would be best. You might start to feel lonely, in which case you should make sure to be involved in groups and activities.

23 Jun, 2021 12:43 PM

It's always better to live alone. Far more expensive though. Apartments are better then dorms. Some parents prefer to have someone to enforce rules which is what makes dorms popular. If you have the option to live in your own apartment you should. You'd be a princess in most colleges.