28 Jun, 2021 12:08 PM

Home Schooling (UK) Good or Bad idea?

My 10 yr old is in Year 6 and has hated school since day one. She has had numerous problems including having been bullied, which the school has failed to deal with in any satisfactory way. Her class has had at least 3 different teachers every year, which doesn't help - the school seems to have a ridiculously high turnover of staff. The head is an extremely unapproachable and unhelpful individual. My daughter is begging me to take her out and home school her but I don't know if I should....anyone had similar experience or any suggestions? I'd be so grateful for advice here? Also, is there some kind of online support network? help!

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28 Jun, 2021 12:09 PM

Hi, im training to be a teacher and so obviously im not YET a professional opinion, however i'll tell you what i think :-)

I beliveve home schooling can have positive outcomes for an individuals Academic achievemnet, by this i mean knowledge and understanding of key subjects and issues. This is achieved because 1) the pupil has much more one to one attention and so the curriculum is personalised to that individual. and 2) because (you would assume) the child is happy and feels safe in that learning environment.

If you learn about 'MASLOW'S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS' :-


he explaines the needs that each individual must overcome in order to learn something. At the bottom of the pyramid are the funamental needs of a person, and futher up are the more intellectual needs. Notice how words like self-esteem, confidence respect of and by others,friendship, belonging

all feature quite highly in the pyramid (to maslow these traits are more important to learning than the first fundamental needs- physical needs and safety needs)

I can see that your daughter may feel unhappy at present but must stress to you that home school might be a 'quick-fix' to her fundamental needs, and could prevent her from developing the social skills she will need for life, like when she has a job, meeting future partners and friends and socialising in general.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to look at secondary school ( or year 7) to take place elswhere, search for schools in the prefferd area and look at the website and learn about the SCHOOL ETHOS. Some school's ethos focus very much on academic achievement, but some have a real genuine focus on meeting pupils needs, and making children socialy aware. Schools should have policies on anti-bullying and if you contact the headteacher you could ask to go in to meet and talk about your daughter- read through the policies and discuss your concerns.

It IS very important to teachers that EVERY CHILD feels happy and safe in their learning environment and i'm so sorry to hear about your past with these terrible schools. It might be worth reading the mission statement for the EVERY CHILD MATTERS document -easily found on the internet from google- it's a government initiative that EVERY school should be taking up.

Talk to your daughter and talk to the teachers. Use the staff that are available to you, that's what they are there for. 

All the best.

28 Jun, 2021 12:09 PM

I have been to three high schools and I am in favour of no uniform. Two of the high schools I went to had uniforms, one was a public school the other a private. In all honesty there was a "popular" group at both the schools with uniforms but luckily I haven't noticed that at the school without a uniform and strangely enough there is less segregation at the school without a uniform. The first school I went to was often criticized for it's uniform, it was bright pink and I agree as many uniforms look terrible and unflattering. Also they can be very unpractical...who wants to wear a skirt when it's a freezing windy winters day. The second school I went to had an incredibly expensive uniform, the hat cost $90! It did nothing to stop segregation, there was a lot of bullying and a definite popular group and unpopular group. When debates came up on the uniform topic they always assumed it would take ages every day to figure out what to wear but in reality it's only like that for a week until you just stop caring about what your going to wear each day. My third school was the best, not having a uniform and allowing students to express themselves. Many of the students who go to my third schools are into art, drama and music and need to room for individuality and self expression. I don't believe in uniforms and it's good idea in theory but in practise it hasn't done anything for me in my personal experience. Maybe for some people it might work, but not everybody can fit that mould.