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im going to get to the point because in the past I have gotten out of hand haha .... okay I am not at all loving school. I do not have many friends because most of the guys are jerks and a lot of the girls are snobby, act like they are popular, s/utty, ect. I have a different problem than you though. My problem is that I am absent from school a lot! My friends AND teachers are starting to get curious as to why I am never in school (I have missed 27 days) and some people are starting to call me a truant, meaning they think I am skipping school. The truth is, I am actually sick a lot. I have talked to my parents before about homeschooling and neither of them were on board. that's not the worst im failing most subjects apart from art, design, food, drama, and English im very eccentric haha, ive go bad anxiety hate people I only feel happy at home safe and secure I love meditating an im clairvoyant:) people think im weird hate schooo full stop. ive begged my parents crying on the floor just to be homeschooled but they said no, its for drop outs and people who live in the country! ugh pisses me off. also... im 13 years old girls 8th grade going into 9th grade next year. im Australian too lol. PLEASE HELP!! this was the calmest way I could of wrote that^^^ okay thankyou. ALSO ive just had 2 weeks of holidays and we start back on Monday, ughghghghhghg im gonna have a metal breakdown im so fustracted crying begging not to go!!. help what should I do to be homeschooled?????????????????/ Update: both you people make me sick, for starters if im homeschooled ill join groups, and you have no idea what my home life is about so you can shove your VCE up your arss

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27 Jun, 2021 06:42 PM

I'm trying to find a home-school too. So far these two are the best options but they are  online public schools. Homeschooling are something your parents would have to help you out with and sometimes you have to pay. But publich online schools are better ( i prefer them) So I found these


-Connections academy

I'm not so sure of them because I didn't take them yet but I hope this might help. All you have to do is enroll to them and get out of your school somehow and convince your parents. And for Highschool I heard that Penn Foster is also a good place. :P

27 Jun, 2021 06:43 PM

2 the reason why your mom is "loopy": a million. She has a flavor of human being freedom for the first time in 15 years, and also you're trying to take it away. 2. She is mad that you made this decision and now are not even giving it a danger. (hi, of route that's going to likely be an adjustment, and that's in trouble-free words been 3 weeks) The peripheral distractions in HS are counter effective, yet besides are an creation to the real international. in case you do not believe you're studying sufficient on your instructions, there is no longer some thing to stay away from you from doing self sustaining study on your own. in some unspecified time sooner or later you are able to might want to leave the nest and enter the real international. Out the following your beliefs and identity will be wondered on a daily basis - you want to the way in which to regulate it. per chance this adventure will make you're taking pride in what you've at domicile, and grant you with some thing to study from, and understanding on what you want to practice for even as that's time. search for suggestion from out of your mom and tell her you opt for to grant this college a danger. you'll stick it out, and make the finest of it for this semester. that you may want to opt for to communicate such as her and re-study throughout the time of Christmas spoil. At this aspect you opt for to flow decrease back to homeschooling after this semester. which will make sure her "craziness". she will be in a position to do not forget that she has some months of freedom (and perhaps some desire you'll replace your thoughts). you isn't guilting her on a daily basis that she did not practice you for the real international. you'll practice you're grown up sufficient to regulate some adversity and make an individual decision.

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i had the same problem i missed in total 6 weeks of school in one year -.- but i turned it around x thats like a summer off in total but obviously the days were spread out so i decided to face it i had to go in or my mum would get in trouble and i would too i thought right what do i hate the fact i just feel uncomfortable all the time so i thought right lets things out this 

1. the people around me are all a bunch of dickheads i wont see them after high school so i may aswell just forget it 

2. i started to dress better and take more pride in my appearance and take care of my self more

3. i got organised my life was in chaos i was behind on everything i couldnt keep track of work so i met with all my teachers to go over what i've missed and eventually caught up

4. i used to think school was boring until i actually started speaking to my friends they started inviting me out and letting me in and backing me up when i needed them when people tried to put me down

5. i actually was sick alot i actually now to think of it think it was depression and because i was hoping so much that i didnt want to go to school i mentally thought i was sick .

im hoping to help alot of people out with this problem in future just have a long think about where you want to be in the future.

27 Jun, 2021 06:43 PM

DON'T GET HOME SCHOOLED YOU WILL BECOME SOCIALLY DEPRESSED AND HAVE NO FRIENDS WHAT SO EVER, school is school get over it, thats life, i have been so stressed recently i just finished my exams, having three weeks were the relaxing thing ever, i have VCE and i'm not stressing.. but you are?! Wow your life must be so hard! Trust me you will feel good once you finish school, don't be the loser that did homeschooling x

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