27 Jun, 2021 06:02 PM

Hey should parents forced their kids to score high grades in their exams?

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27 Jun, 2021 06:02 PM

No force.  Children should be encouraged to do their best and given as much help as possible to do their best.  That doesn't mean doing their homework for them, but reinforcing the lessons taught in class. 

Parents should be mentors, tutors, and cheerleaders for their children.  And yes, this is the approach I have taken and it has worked pretty well.

27 Jun, 2021 06:02 PM

1st of all you can't force anyone to score a particular way on an exam, you can however expect a certain outcome, this should bebased soley upon the individuals capabilities. I think that (kids, teens, young adults) don't fully grasp the consequences of education whether it be for good or bad it definitely plays a MAJOR role in your adult life and that should be the point made over & over again. As long as you give 110% you've done your best. Our intelligence shouldn't be based upon some score rather it should be an accumulation of effort, the ability to learn from mistakes, and courage to try again that enables us to learn and grow from every experience not just a final exam. I ask you this what do you remember from any exam in high school? Exactly. With all that said don't expect a career as some top notch attorney with a C average so based upon your goals you need to decide how much to give of yourself, there is an A in all of us how hard do you want to work for it is really the question.

27 Jun, 2021 06:03 PM

Not at all. Patents should guide instead. Force cannot work permanently  for better progress of their kids. 

Let the kids understand the importance of high grades in the examination and therefore , the most important role of parents are to be a good GUIDE then a this forceful activities !

Then only kids can be motivated innerly and i am sure it works better then your expectation ! 

I have checked it and implemented as well ! 

And obtained very good results from the kids !!

27 Jun, 2021 06:03 PM

Parents should always encourage and help their children to score well on exams and do well in school. We live in a society where education means everything and should be taken very seriously. If you are not an adult you don't yet realize how hard life can be if you do not have the ability to make a decent paycheck and in order to make that decent paycheck you have to have knowledge and schooling behind you. I have plenty of knowledge but little schooling behind me and this makes finding a job that pays according to my abilities pretty much impossible.

I know you younger people are tired of hearing adults tell you this all the time along with it really is for your own good but it really is. On the other hand sometimes as a parent we get carried away and force too much on our children. Please understand when a parent does that it is because we only want the very best for you. If you are having problems getting the grades that your parents want you to get and you truly are trying and still can't get those grades it is time to try and sit down and talk to them. See if maybe they can get you a tutor to help your grades and abilities approve. Before you do this though make sure you really are doing the work to the best of your ability.

I can not tell you how important it is to get a good education in High School and then go on to College. I know that it is more fun to be playing and chatting with your friends but you want to give yourself the ability to do that for the rest of your life. If you don't have a good education behind you then you will either end up starving or working two or three jobs just to make ends meet later in life. Trust me you will prefer one job that pays well and gives you the ability to have more money to spend on yourself besides just having enough for your everyday bills.

If you are one of the few kids that are expected to get all high scores and are not given help to reach those scores, I feel for you. You can not do a job without the proper tools. Try to tell your parents that they wouldn't try to change a tire with a butter knife so please please please don't expect you to get all high scores all the time without help of some kind.

27 Jun, 2021 06:03 PM

You cannot make a kid get  high scores. They can only get what they are capable of  getting. You and incurage them to do their best and let them know that you are their for them if needed and support them no matter what grade they get. When a parent tries to force a kid to do better in school you are going to get a kid that is going to shut you out. Some kids are not going to get high grades because they are doing the best they can do and that is just the way it is going to be. Parents need to get a grip on themselves.  Support your kid. Because in reality when you try to force kids to get what you want you are being a Bullie. So what is that teaching kids?