27 Jun, 2021 02:20 PM

How much should I charge for homeschooling in California?

Hi! I'm a private tutor and a college student with an A.A. degree. I tutor several clients, one of which wishes for me to homeschool her 4th grade son. We live in California, btw. My question is: what are my options? Am I qualified private tutor? How much should I charge (my standard rates for tutoring her child is $45/hour)? What is my required length of sessions if any? Days of instruction? Thanks guys!

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27 Jun, 2021 02:21 PM

Here is a summary of the homeschooling laws in CA:

You need to find out which option she's going with - if it's #3, you need to be a "certified tutor". I'm not sure if that means a certified *teacher*, or if there's now some sort of certification for tutors in CA. (When I lived there, there wasn't, but things change.)

There does not seem to be any minimum number of days or hours for option 3, it seems to be left to your best judgment. In 4th, he probably only needs a couple of hours a day of instruction, depending on whether he has special needs or whether he can work independently. He may not even need instruction every day, if he's gifted or if he's an independent learner...or, she may be wanting you to take him on for several hours per day, which means you would rake in the cash but you'd also be expected to come up with some pretty smash-bang lessons.

I would say to find out the specifics about what she expects by "homeschooling her son". Does she just want you to teach the basic lessons and keep him accountable, or does she want you to take on all the responsibility of homeschooling him? And how much is she thinking of paying you to do so? Homeschooling is very individualized, and everyone has different methods and expectations. I teach homeschool kids, and it's everything from meeting with them an hour or two a week and keeping them accountable to homework, to some fairly extensive tutoring either in person or by email.


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