23 Jun, 2021 01:16 PM

Is college actually hard work? - Grads only please!?

They said high school would be much harder but it was easy as hell. I am about to head off to George Washington University in DC and want to know about the workload, also about work expected and social life. Im kind of anxious so ALL HELP is APPRECIATED!

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23 Jun, 2021 01:17 PM

It will be more difficult because you are on your own.  Noone is going to remind you that a report or paper is due.  Noone is going to wake you up and make sure you get to class on time.  Noone is going to tell you to go to bed at a reasonable time.  Yes, it is more difficult.

23 Jun, 2021 01:17 PM

Here's the thing: nobody is looking over your shoulder in college to get your work in: it's all up to you. Professors don't care if you turn your work in, but don't think you'll get a good grade unless you do so :-)

Is the work harder? Yes. Yes it is. Is it SOOO hard that you should be anxious? nope. If you demand perfection (perfect grade type), you're going to pull your hair out because a much larger group of people in college are trying to do that too.

College is much different from HighSchool. Work load is greater, but you can dictate how much load you have (how many classes you take).

Social life? You can have as big or as little a one as you want. Some people party non-stop and don't study much. Some people hit the books and don't stop. Most find a happy medium in which they are comfortable, make friends, and have a blast!

I graduated in 2002, went right back for grad school, and am now happily employed. I was very happy at college and wish you the best in your studies :-)

23 Jun, 2021 01:17 PM

The difference between high school and college is that there is a lot more responsibility on you to study and get the work done "the monkey is on your back".  The teachers kind of hold your hand in high school whereas in college you are responsible for learning the material whether or not it was covered in lecture.  The tests are more geared towards critical thinking, making sure you understand and can apply the material rather than just being able to memorize it from the book or notes.  Ultimately college is what you put into it.  It takes effort to be at the top of your class, but it also takes a lot of effort to fail.  You will also have to learn how to juggle your studies and your social life.  Your parents will no longer be there to tell you not to go out or what time to come home at.  You will be busy.

23 Jun, 2021 01:18 PM

college is much harder then high school - in high school the teacher gives you an assignment each day and you go over it - in college they give you the syllibus the beginning of the semester and your expected to read it and do it on your own by the dates without anyone to remind you - 

also in high school you may have 1 book for a class for the year - in college you will have 3-6 books per class per semester - and they are not all small books - you will be expected to read them - interact in class - write papers - do presentations - 

make sure you balance your priorities - i know college can be a party - but it is a lot of hard work - i went to college right out of HS - and i barely passed with a C for my Asso degree- i failed several classes - almost got thrown out of school - and looking back now at 29 yrs old - i realized i wasted the time i could have gotten that degree the right way and gotten a great job  - now i am going back for another degree - and i realize that c is not a good thing - this time i am on the deans list and i know how important it is for future jobs to have good grades - and i am taking it serious - it is hard work - i wont graduate this time until i wasn 32 - so i lost 10 years of making a great salary and 10 years twords my vested retirement - so i wont retire until 10 years after my friends - and i wont have a house - or a nice car - or any of those things - because i was more worried about college being fun

23 Jun, 2021 01:18 PM

College is harder than high school in several ways. 

1)  Independence:  For many, you become responsible for yourself and your own attendance for the first time ever.   A lot of people get a little "high" on this fact and skip classes just because they feel like it, or you partied the night before...your parents aren't around to "make you" go to class.   That's the first step toward not doing well in college!   Always attend class!! 

2) Homework--college professors tend to assign a lot of homework.  Since classes usually meet 2 or 3 times a week (as opposed to every day) they expect you'll have more time to work on your homework.  

3) Parties -- most schools have a very active party scene.  If one isn't used to this, it can really sidetrack you from why you ACTUALLY went to college.  By all means, take part in some of the social activities.  But always remember to keep everything in balance!   You can't party all the time and expect to do well...it won't happen (unless you cheat...and that can get you booted out of school).

4) Significant others:  While in college, many people meet the friends they will have for life...this includes spouses.  Relationships become more "adult" and meaningful than the high school boyfriends/girlfriends you had.  Sometimes students focus too much time on these relationships and not on their schooling.  Again, it comes back to finding a balance.  

5) Study Habits...when I was in high school, I could do my homework while I watched TV, talked on the phone and listened to music AND I was a 4.0 student....college level work needs more focus and dedication...my first few quarters taught me that!! Set aside time to actually STUDY.   DO YOUR READINGS!!!  You will find that just doing your assigned readings (ON TIME) will help you tremendously in any class you take!  

Hope this helps :)

Graduate, BA English, from a Jesuit University :)